What are the Different Types of Braces Available?

When getting braces, getting the perfect fit is often of crucial importance as it is what determines the functionality that you will enjoy and how well the end result will be achieved. There are different types of dental braces that you can take advantage of and their variations are a product of their utility and the extent of restructuring needed. Your budget also plays a role in choosing the type of brace to take up since all have different cost ranges.

Reviewing the Types of Braces

  • Ceramic braces

People who do not like to have their braces noticed can take advantage of ceramic braces as they are virtually less conspicuous to an eye that is not keen. Ceramic braces are among the most effective braces you can find though they are a bit costly when compared to the traditional metal braces. The significant difference between a ceramic brace and the other types is that it utilizes either clear elastic ties or white metal ties to hold the braces in place. Ceramic braces often require adjustments on a monthly basis where an orthodontist evaluates the progress and makes the necessary changes to the braces to achieve the goal of aligning the teeth. Ceramic braces are sensitive and hence require maintenance to ensure complete functionality.

  • Invisalign

Invisalign stands as one of the most effective solutions when it comes to braces. It is nearly invisible and is also easily removable when you wish to perform activities like eating and brushing the teeth. With Invisalign, you can eat absolutely anything and rest assured that it will not affect the working of the braces. Invisalign is however a perfect solution for individuals who have minor issues with their dental orientation and do not need major alignment of the teeth. It is the most expensive solution when considering braces although it requires less checkups compared to the rest.

  • Lingual braces

When thinking of braces for an adult, lingual braces should come as the top consideration. Lingual braces are completely invisible form the outside and they work by bonding the teeth from behind. They work well on big teeth since with small teeth, they can cause injury to the tongue or impact speech by causing problems in tongue coordination. Lingual braces cost more than ceramic and metal braces due to their ease in work-ability and their overall efficiency in delivering results. Lingual braces require skill and delicate attention to detail which explains why few orthodontists have mastered how to properly place them on patients.

  • Metal braces

They are the traditional and mostly utilized type of braces. Metal braces are inexpensive and are made out of stainless steel which bonds the teeth and aligns them in line with the impression that was developed. Metal braces irritate the teeth and gums in the first period of use though patients get used to it over time and adjust to having them in the mouth. Metal braces are visible and this ranks among the reasons as to why individuals repel its use. With recent developments however, different colors have been adopted which have made metal braces have a fun angle. With metal braces, you have to watch what you eat since you cannot risk having plaque and other food particles get stuck in the braces and between the teeth since cleaning the same becomes demanding.

  • Damon braces

These are among the revolutionary solutions when considering braces. Damon braces utilize a slide mechanism instead of the elastic system that other braces utilize in connecting the arch wires. Damon braces are the best for individuals who have sensitive teeth and gums since they cause less friction and pressure on the teeth. This means that the alignment process is made seamless and systematic without painful experiences. The beauty of having Damon braces is that they are easy to clean and are less painful when considered against other solutions like the metal and lingual braces. Damon braces deliver results on a faster time frame than other types of braces and significantly cost less in terms of money and time since it does not require regular visits to the orthodontist.

Braces are custom fitted teeth aligners which have the ability to straighten teeth and ensure that an individual is able to get cosmetic treatment of the teeth to achieve a perfect smile. The beauty with braces is that they are teeth aligning solutions that restructure the teeth according to an impression that an orthodontist is able to determine during the initial stages of consultation. Newer types of braces like Invisalign can actually be removed when brushing the teeth or while eating which ensures that cleaning is made easy and workable over the course of the treatment. The invisible nature of some of the braces is also advantageous in that it allows for a teeth straightening procedure that an individual can seamlessly induct into the daily lifestyle.

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