What is the Difference between Dental Braces and Dental Implants?

Missing, crooked or overcrowded teeth can affect the quality of life that you are leading. Teeth are essential in doing many things which eventually affect the entire lifestyle that we lead. Small aspects of life like eating, speaking and even smiling may seem insignificant but they affect the way we live. When you are missing a tooth or have crooked teeth therefore, it is advisable to seek the most appropriate medical help to help you correct the situation and get your life back to its best.

When it comes to treating missing or crooked teeth, there are many options offered by dentists. Two of the most popular options available are orthodontic braces and dental implants. Although they are two totally different treatment techniques, they pretty much offer the same end results. There however exist very many differences between the two treatment mechanisms. We want to highlight the major structural and functionality differences between the two treatment mechanisms to help you determine the treatment option that best suits you. Here are ten differences between dental braces and dental implants

  1. Material

Braces are made from metals or ceramic depending on the choice you opt for. The metal brackets are glued to your teeth and tied together by small rubber bands while dental implants are made from titanium and act like an artificial root for a new replacement tooth.

  1. Cost

Traditional braces are normally cheaper than dental implants. The average price of braces ranges between $2,000 and $6,000 while the dental implants go for anything between $10,000 all the way to $20,000. The dental implants are charged for the upper set and the lower set while the braces are charged as a whole unit. Braces are the cheapest option.

  1. Colour

When seeking treatment for misaligned teeth, you have to consider the colour of the solution. Braces are of two kind. The normal visible braces and the invisalign which are invisible. Dental implants on the other hand match perfectly with the colour of teeth. Nobody else other than your dentist can even realize that they are not your natural teeth.

  1. Maintenance

Braces require a little bit more maintenance that implants. You need to visit your dentist twice every month if you are in possession of braces while dental implants are almost a one-off thing. Once installed and the implants harden, you don’t have to pay visits to your dentist unless a problem arises.

  1. Ease of cleaning

Braces are quite challenging when it comes to cleaning them. You need to be careful and take your time when doing it otherwise you will be risking destroying the brackets. Implants on the other hand can be casually cleaned just like normal teeth. You can even floss them once a day without much trouble.

  1. Risk involved

A popular quote we use here at Vita Dental is that ‘anything that is unnatural has no guarantees at all’ In short what this means is that there is some degree of risk involved when it comes to the use of dental implants. There may arise complications like bleeding and damage of the canals. Dental Braces on the other hand are the safest means. There are normally very few cases reported of orthodontic braces gone wrong which makes them a reliable option.

  1. Time to correct malposition

As earlier mentioned, dental implants are an immediate solution. You get them instantly and the defect is corrected on the spot. If it was a missing tooth for example, you get the replacement as soon as the same day you visit the dentist. Braces on the other hand require a little bit more time to correct malposition in teeth.

  1. Best suited for

Braces are best suited for dental malposition; crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth and misaligned teeth. Braces can’t be used to replace missing teeth. They are strictly meant to change the position and shape of teeth. Dental implants are the best option for missing or broken teeth. Although they can be used to correct malocclusions as well-this requires that the original teeth are plucked out and a new set of implants installed.

  1. Health ramifications

Braces are a far better option as far as health is concerned. The reason that makes dental braces a healthier option is the fact that they use the natural teeth in treatment. Very little can go wrong therefore. Braces also get you more than just a straight smile. You get a balanced bite and even tension in your jaws. Dental implants on the other hand are an artificial replacement. As we mentioned earlier anything unnatural has no guarantees at all.

  1. Comfort

This is where dental implants rule. They are far more comfortable than braces. This is because they become part of you and you can therefore do things which you used your natural teeth to do. You can bite into foods easily brush easily and even smile before people without blushes. Braces can be a little uncomfortable. There is some pain and not everyone is comfortable smiling with braces before people.

The choice depends on three things really; your preferences, budget and the severity of the dental problem. If your dentist is qualified, he/she will advise you on the best option suited for you.