Why Are Dentist Visits Necessary?

At some point, I am sure we all have questioned the importance of making regular dental check-ups especially when we are not suffering from any sort of complication. Is it really necessary to get teeth cleaned and regular checkups? Are dental visits necessary? Well, I personally wasn’t the biggest fun of the regular dental checkups because I deemed them as unpleasant and time-consuming. I felt so because I didn’t make much of my visits to my dentist back then and it was an ordeal I didn’t enjoy. I always kept a fastidious oral hygiene and save for the braces that I got at 13, I really didn’t suffer from any other dental problem. The idea of going for checkups thrice a year, didn’t make much sense to me at the time because after all I cleaned my teeth properly, flossed after every meal and watched the foods I ate. One day, I confronted my dentist and popped the question. I wanted to know the importance of attending the cleaning and checkup sessions. My dentist, who by now had realized that I wasn’t particularly the biggest fan of the visits was more than eager to explain to me why it is necessary to visit your dentist on a regular basis. Here are some of the reasons he gave me why dentist visits are necessary;

Reasons why dentist visits are necessary

Plaque- This is by far the most important reason why you need to visit your dentist twice or thrice in a year. Plaque is a sticky deposit which arises from food particles accumulating around teeth and is a prime hub for the proliferation of bacteria which can be dangerous to teeth and general oral health. However much you clean your teeth or floss after meal, there are crevices and certain corners in the mouth that your toothbrush or floss will not quite reach and this is where plaque starts building up. Plaque builds up in the margins between teeth and gums and over time, it hardens and becomes tartar which is even harder to get rid of. Bacteria contained in plaque and tartar will cause infections and inflammation to the gums. Tooth decay will also set in and your entire oral health will be in great jeopardy.

With their special cleaning equipment, dentists are able to easily clean the teeth and eliminate any food remains that have accumulated in the mouth. This is why it is absolutely important to visit your dentist after four to six months when the plaque has probably started to harden and get it cleaned. Failure to do this, will be putting your teeth to great risk.

Detect problems before they turn chronic

The other reason why regular dentist visits are important is they enable the dentist to detect any problems before they turn chronic. There are certain dental problems which we can’t pick up on our own but the discerning eyes of the dentist will identify in a flash. Problems such as cavities, gingivitis and bone recession are things that will not be identified easily especially in their early stages. A simple visit to the dentist however, will help him/her to identify the problems and do all he can to prevent the further deterioration of the problem.

Help identify malocclusions from an early age

This is particularly important to adults with young kids. It is important to take your kids to the dentist from an early age so that malocclusions or any other problem is identified from an early age. This way, the dentist will initiate treatment from an early age, saving the dental structure of your child before it is jeopardised further. It is also cheaper to treat problems before they become full-fledged. You will therefore be saving lots of money in the process.

Visits are important bonding and learning sessions

The checkups are not just about checking and cleaning teeth. They are bonding sessions where you will be getting time to interact with your dentist and ask as many questions as you can. This is the only time you have to probably get professional advice on the right foods to eat for example. See, your dentists knows the state of your oral system better than anyone else and is well placed to offer the best advice on what to eat, what to avoid, how to clean and so forth. For young children, regular dentist visits provide an opportunity for them to interact with the dentists and overcome their phobias (if any). In the end, they will grow knowing that the dentist is a friendly person who means well for them and this is good for their health and well being.

The next time you are going for that dental checkup, don’t sulk and feel like you are wasting precious time. Instead, cheer up and look forward to the visit because it is for your own good. Embrace dental visits for the sake of your dental health.