Dentist Near Me: Katy Texas: Invisalign Clear Braces

Dentist Near Me: Katy Texas: Invisalign Clear Braces

If you have teeth that are misaligned, then it will definitely damage the aesthetics as far as your smile is concerned and you will find that you are extremely self-conscious when you have to smile in public. This will definitely have a big impact on both your professional and social life. However, issues with misaligned teeth go beyond the aesthetics of your smile as you may also experience other issues such as soreness, worn out teeth, snoring, and given such teeth are not easy to clean, you will also be at an increased risk of developing oral health issues such as gum disease and tooth decay, as per the subject matter experts over at, the best place to go to Katy Texas when looking for a dentist near you to help you with such issues. If your child has such issues, then they could get braces and have their teeth fixed, no problem. Children always look good and cute with braces on; they’ll probably look cute in whatever they are in. However, as an adult or even a teen, then braces won’t make you look cute and adorable and may just be as damaging to the aesthetics of your smile as your misaligned teeth. The good news however, is that, with the introduction of Invisalign clear braces, you can receive orthodontic treatment, without damaging your image or the embarrassment adults with braces have to face. If you are considering getting Invisalign clear braces fitted and are in need of more information on what they are about and what the procedure entails, then you are in luck as this article will look to help with exactly that.

Invisalign clear braces come with a number of advantages as compared to traditional metal braces. First of all, they are clear and as such offer better aesthetic value as compared to the metal wires and brackets of traditional metal braces. They are also removable, which means you can remove them to clean your teeth or for an important presentation and as such your oral hygiene doesn’t have to suffer just because you are receiving orthodontic treatment. This is why adults and teens find them to be a better option when it comes to orthodontic treatment as compared to traditional metal braces, with the best place to go to for them in Katy Texas being over at the excellent The procedure of getting them fitted is also pretty straightforward. First of all, you will have to go to your orthodontist for the initial consultation so as they can determine if this is the best option for you. Once you have decided to go for it, you will be called back to get impressions and pictures of your teeth taken. This is known as the records appointment.

Your orthodontist will use the pictures to show you where the orthodontic treatment will be focused on and how the treatment will proceed as well as what to expect. The impressions will be sent to the Invisalign lab to allow for creations of mockups of your aligners. The best orthodontic practices, like the highly rated in Katy Texas, use digital scanners to take impressions of their patients’ teeth as digital scans can be uploaded immediately to the Invisalign lab. Putty impressions will have to be mailed over, which will take more time. Once your impressions have arrived at the Invisalign lab, they will begin to send your orthodontist mockups of your aligners. Your orthodontist will go through them, make the necessary changes and modifications and send them back to the lab for them to be made. The Invisalign lab will then make the changes and modifications and send your orthodontist the updated mockups. Your orthodontist will go through them, and if they are satisfied, they will give the Invisalign lab the green light to begin manufacturing your Invisalign braces. Once done, they will be shipped to your orthodontist’s office; with the whole of this process taking about 3 weeks to be concluded.

Your orthodontist will then call you back in to test your first set of aligners. In certain cases, your orthodontist may add attachments to your teeth, which are small buttons that will hold your aligners and attach them tightly to your teeth. They may also perform what is known as interproximal reduction, IPR, where they will smooth the sides of specific teeth so as to create room for your aligners to fit. As per the subject matter experts over at, the best place to go to in Katy Texas for Invisalign clear braces, both of these additional processes are painless and won’t be noticeable to you or others. Your orthodontist will then tell you to ensure that you wear your Invisalign clear braces for at least 22 hours a day, only taking them out to eat, brush and floss your teeth, if the treatment is to be effective. You will change to a new set of aligners every 2 weeks, with each set designed to carry you to the next phase of treatment until treatment is complete. On top of that, you will have to see your orthodontist every 6 weeks so that they can inspect how the treatment is going and ascertain if they need to make changes to the treatment plan. Once you are done with your last set of aligners, treatment is complete and you and your orthodontist are happy with the results, you will switch to retainers. Initially, you will have to wear your retainers daily for the same 22 hours a day, as before, until your teeth re-stabilize, which usually takes about 2 months. After that, you may only be required to wear them at night to ensure your teeth don’t go back to the positions they were in pre-treatment. Eventually, you may even only have to wear your retainers about once or twice a week, and only at night.

As ever, if you are looking for a dentist near you in Katy Texas for Invisalign clear braces and other dental services, then make sure you head over to the excellent, where you can also find more information on this and other related topics as well as have any questions you may have on the same answered.