Dentist Near Me: Katy Texas: Fluoride Treatments

Dentist Near Me: Katy Texas: Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a natural-occurring mineral, but given that it has the ability to build the enamel of our teeth and even reverse early signs of tooth decay, then it is easy to see why it has become one of the most essential oral health treatments out there. Enamel is the hard-outer layer of our teeth that helps protect the inner parts. Given its importance, you will be glad to know that fluoride can be taken up by the body in two ways: systematically and topically. Systemic fluoride is the fluoride that is swallowed and includes fluoride from fluoridated water as well as dietary fluoride supplements. It is important to note that tap water is usually fluoridated. Topical fluoride on the other hand is the fluoride that is applied directly to the teeth, which can be through toothpaste, mouthwashes and fluoride treatments at the dentist’s office, with the highly rated being the best place to go to in Katy Texas for such services. For the best results, it is recommended that you get your fluoride both systemically and topically. It is especially key that you brush your teeth using a fluoride toothpaste as this will give you the best chance of preventing cavities and having strong teeth. This article will look to focus on the fluoride treatments we get at the dentist, their benefits and what the procedure entails so that you know what to expect when you go to your dentist for the same.

As mentioned earlier on, we now know that fluoride helps build up tooth enamel as well as reversing early signs of tooth decay. It does this by replenishing and restoring lost calcium and phosphate to our tooth surfaces in areas where plaque bacteria may have eroded the enamel. On top of that, fluoride can also prevent harmful oral bacteria from growing, further helping prevent cavities. This basically means that, while fluoride won’t remove tooth decay, it will make the outer surfaces of our teeth stronger preventing the decay from escalating, penetrating and reaching the deeper part so of the teeth. If you are at a higher risk of tooth decay, then the fluoride treatments at your dentist will be particularly good for you, with the highly rated being the best place to go to in Katy Texas to receive such treatments. Other groups of people who may benefit from a fluoride treatment are those who have weak enamel, poor oral health, have had dental crowns fixed as well as those who have dry mouth.

Fluoride treatments actually benefit both adults and kids. In fact, dental experts, including those over at in Katy Texas, agree that the earlier a child is exposed to fluoride, the higher the chances of them avoiding cavities. It is recommended that you begin taking your child to the dentist for fluoride treatments once their first tooth appears. As a parent however, you should be aware of dental fluorosis which leads to staining and pitting of teeth among other effects. This is why it is recommended that, if your child is below the age of two years, then you should only use a fluoride-free toothpaste. Once they begin using a fluoride toothpaste, make sure they only use a pea-sized portion and ensure they don’t swallow the toothpaste, something children tend to do when unsupervised. In fact, chronic overexposure to fluoride in children will not only harm their teeth, it may also be damaging to their developing bones which is why you should careful about their fluoride intake and talk to your dentist about the best practices as far as it is involved. The good news is that the fluoride treatments provided at your dentist are safe and are done to prevent tooth decay in kids. Your dentist will also only use a small amount of fluoride during the treatment and will ensure that hardly any of the fluoride will be swallowed by your child.

Finally, we are going to look at what the procedure, as far as these treatments go, entails, with the excellent being the best place to go to for the same in Katy Texas. It is important to note that these treatments usually only take a few minutes to be completed as they usually have more fluoride than what is in your toothpaste or water. The treatment may be applied in form of a foam, varnish or a gel and can be applied using a brush, swab or using a dental tray which will be placed in your mouth for a few minutes. Once treatment is done, your dentist will tell you to avoid drinking or eating anything for at least 30 minutes so as to allow your teeth to absorb the fluoride and get to work repairing any microscopic areas of tooth decay. It is important that your dentist knows about your full health history so that they can choose the treatment that is best for you. After treatment, your dentist will recommend that you need to have fluoride treatments every 6 to 12 months based on your oral health. And that is basically that as far as your fluoride treatment is concerned, and as you can see it is quick and painless.

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