Dentist Near Me: Katy Texas: Fastbraces

Dentist Near Me: Katy Texas: Fastbraces

Just like any medical field, dentistry is always in flux, with new technology and techniques always being introduced for the benefit of patients’ oral health. If there is one area of dentistry that epitomizes this, then it is orthodontics, with the highly rated being the best place to go to in Katy Texas for such dental services. This is because we have seen how orthodontics has changed and improved over the years starting with traditional braces, then came Invisalign and now Fastbraces, which is the new way to straighten teeth. Orthodontics has always been an important part of dentistry as it is aimed at helping folks straighten teeth and in doing so not only sidestep any issues that come with crooked teeth, of which there are a few, but also help improve their smile and consequently help improve their self-esteem. Each step, as far as advancements made in this field go, has been taken with the view to tackle an issue faced by patients seeking orthodontic treatment. For instance, Invisalign came into the market with the view of making orthodontic treatment more accessible to adults by removing the stigma faced by adults wearing braces. In time, another issue has arisen, and that is as regards the time taken for orthodontic treatment to be completed. This is where Fastbraces has stepped in, and to find out more about the same, continue reading this article.

Fastbraces is a new technology, as far as orthodontic treatment is concerned, which allows patients to straighten their teeth within a period of 3 months to within a year. They are not only fast, easy and affordable, they are also safe having undergone extensive training for years prior to their release to the market. The reason why they work a lot quicker than traditional braces is due to the fact that they make use of technology that allows them to move both the crown and the root of the tooth at the same time, which allows for treatment to be completed within about on year, with some patients noting results in just a few months. Traditional braces on the other hand, as per the subject matter experts over at in Katy Texas usually move the crown to its desired shape before moving on to the root, which is why treatment with traditional braces usually takes up to 2 years. Fastbraces make use of a patented system of an innovative triangular bracket as well as a specially-shaped piece of square wire that allows for the correction of the position of the root from the moment treatment begins, ensuring that the root and crown are aligned simultaneously and therefore slashing the time taken for treatment to be complete in almost half.

Next up, we are going to highlight some of the benefits as far as choosing Fastbraces is concerned over traditional braces. Other than the treatment being quicker as discussed above, treatment with Fastbraces is just as safe since it is a tried and tested method of orthodontic treatment. It also helps save on costs and time as you will not make as many trips to go and see your orthodontist for checkups since you will be wearing your Fastbraces for a shorter period of time. The Fastbraces technology also allows for easier cleaning of teeth, making it better to practice good oral hygiene while receiving orthodontic treatment hence sidestepping issues such as tooth decay, something that can’t be said of traditional braces which are notorious for making brushing and flossing of teeth difficult. As per the gurus over at in Katy Texas, the fact that Fastbraces technology has low mean frictional forces as well as reduced sliding friction which makes Fastbraces less painful to wear which is yet another feather in their cap. Yet another benefit is the fact that once treatment is done, you won’t have to wear retainers for hours on end during the day for months. This is due to the fact that Fastbraces lead to a complete alignment of the roots of teeth which means that you will only need to wear retainers for only about 15 to 20 minutes each day, or only at night depending on your preferences.

The procedure of getting Fastbraces is pretty straightforward, and this is what you are going to look at next. The first step is finding a dental practice that is trained in Fastbraces technology if you have decided that you want to go for it. This, for the people of Katy Texas, means heading over to the highly rated Once there, your orthodontist will of course examine your teeth and bite to ascertain that you are indeed a candidate for the Fastbraces system. They will then take impressions and x-rays of your teeth and mouth which they will use to create a treatment plan that is customized and specially designed for you. Once your braces are ready, you will be called in and will have them fitted. Your orthodontist will then give you detailed instructions on how to clean your teeth and take care of your Fastbraces as you receive orthodontic treatment as well as when you should come back in for a checkup on how treatment is progressing.

If you are looking for more information as far as Fastbraces go, then make sure you head over to the highly rated, which is also the best place to go to in Katy Texas when looking for a dentist near you for such services.