Dentist Near Me: Katy Texas: Emergency Dentist for Filling

Dentist Near Me: Katy Texas: Emergency Dentist for Filling

Dental fillings are among the most commonly used dental restorations by dentists out there, with the very best in quality of filling material being available for the people of Katy Texas over at They are used to fix a number of issues as far as our teeth are concerned, including fixing teeth that have been damaged through decay or due to trauma leading to a tooth being chipped. Normally, when you go to your dentist with a dental issue, they will examine you and ascertain if you will require to get a dental filling after which they will schedule an appointment for the same, a procedure which is pretty straightforward. Dental fillings also play a significant role when it comes to emergency dentistry as emergency dentists not only use them extensively to fix a number of issues as far as dental emergencies are concerned, they could also be the reason why you need to see an emergency dentist to be attended to in the first place. An emergency dentist is there to provide urgent dental care for when you are experiencing a dental emergency and your dentist is unavailable; maybe it is the weekend, a holiday or it is after-hours and they are closed. This article will look to highlight when to go to an emergency dentist as far as fillings are concerned.

We are going to start by highlighting some of the instances when you should go to an emergency dentist, like the highly rated ones over at in Katy Texas, and for which they will use a filling to fix the issue. The first case we are going to highlight is a badly chipped tooth. While a chipped tooth can usually wait until your dentist is available again so that you can book an appointment and have it fixed, if the chip is severe and is accompanied by severe pain and/or bleeding, then you will definitely require immediate medical attention, which means that you will have to go to an emergency dentist in such a situation. You may suffer a severe chipped tooth due to a number of reasons such as getting hit on the mouth or falling and landing on your mouth among others. Another case where you may need to go to an emergency dentist and where a dental filling will come in handy is severe tooth decay. If you are experiencing severe tooth decay, you will most likely have a severe toothache which may be so severe that you can’t wait until your dentist is available so that they can have a look at it. In such a situation, you should also go and see an emergency dentist so that you can be attended to.

If you are wondering why you should go to an emergency dentist for the situations mentioned above, and not an emergency room, if your dentist is unavailable, well the simple answer is that an emergency room will only help with any pain and bleeding and won’t fix the underlying dental issue. Another question that you may also have is how you can find an emergency dentist near you, like the excellent ones over at for the people of Katy Texas. Well, one of the simplest ways to find one is to call your dentist. Most practices have an after-hours voicemail which usually provides instructions for their patients on how to proceed during a dental emergency as well as providing the contact information of a local on-call emergency dentist, who you can then call and book an immediate appointment with. Once you get there, if your dental emergency is due to a badly chipped tooth, the emergency dentist will look to stem any bleeding and then fix the chipped tooth with a filling if possible, although if a big piece of the tooth has broken off, you may need a dental crown. The same applies for severe tooth decay, where the emergency dentist will remove the decayed part of the tooth and fill it with a dental filling. If the decay or damage has reached the pulp of the tooth, you may first get an emergency root canal to remove the damaged or infected pulp before getting the filling. In all of these situations, you will get the chance to choose the best filling material for you based on your personal preferences and costs.

Remember when we mentioned early on that a dental filling may be the reason why you have to go to an emergency dentist? Well, what we meant is that, sometimes a lost or broken filling may lead to severe pain and you may have to go and see an emergency dentist to have the situation fixed. A broken or lost filling can expose the tooth pulp, which may lead to a severe toothache, a situation that also exposes your tooth to damage due to infection as per the subject matter experts over at in Katy Texas. If you are experiencing a severe toothache due to a broken or lost filling, then you should go to an emergency dentist, who will examine the affected tooth and see if it is feasible to place another filling. If another filling can be placed, they will discuss with you your options as far as filling material go and place the filling material that you eventually go for. The emergency dentist will then give you detailed instructions on how to take care of your filling, which you should follow to the letter.

As always, if you are looking for an emergency dentist near you in Katy Texas for the above situations or any other dental emergency, then look no further than the highly rated