Dentist Near Me: Katy Texas: Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dentist Near Me: Katy Texas: Dental Crowns & Bridges

Our teeth are remarkably strong, especially since the enamel of our teeth is that strongest mineralized material in the human body. However, as strong as they are, they are still liable to damage as well as wear and tear. On top of that, you can also lose a tooth, either due to having one knocked out through trauma to the mouth, or having one extracted due to it being badly damaged through decay and other oral health issues. Dentistry, as we all know is primarily preventative at its core, and your dentist will work hard to ensure that your teeth and gums remain as strong as they can be. However, if your teeth get damaged or you lose one or more of them, then your dentist will still be able to help you fix whatever issue you may have, with the highly rated being the best place to go to in Katy Texas when in need of dental services. Dental crowns and bridges are among the key dental restorations that will provide a fixed solution to damaged or missing teeth. This article will look to highlight what they are about and how they will help restore your teeth both in functionality and structure.

Dental crowns are an important part of dentistry as they not only help restore a tooth whose structure has been damaged, they also help replace missing teeth as part of dental bridges. A dental crown, as its name suggest, will go on top of a tooth like a cap, covering the part of the tooth that is above the gum line in its entirety. This means that if a tooth has been badly damaged and is missing a significant part of its structure, then a dental crown will be the restoration that will be used to restore it in both structure and functionality. This is in stark contrast to fillings as well as inlays and onlays which are only used in cases where the damage to the tooth’s structure isn’t extensive, with all these restorations being available to the people of Katy Texas over at the highly regarded Crowns can be made from different material, although those made from porcelain or ceramic are preferred as they are made to match the color and texture of one’s teeth. Other types of dental crowns include gold crowns, porcelain-fused-to-metal crown, all-porcelain crowns among others. Your dentist will talk you through the various options and help you choose the right one for you based on your personal preferences and costs.

Next up, we are going to talk about the procedure involved in getting a dental crown, with the excellent being the best place to go to for the same in Katy Texas. The procedure of getting a dental crown usually takes two visits to your dentist. In the first visit, your dentist will prepare the tooth that is about to receive the crown by first shaping it to ensure that the crown will be able to fit on top. This usually involves drilling and smoothening of the tooth, and you will receive a local anesthetic beforehand to numb the tooth and the surrounding area. If the tooth’s structure is so badly damaged that there is very little structure left, your dentist will look to build it up with the help of filling material. Once the tooth has been prepared, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth which will be used to create your crowns. Here, your dentist may take your impressions digitally or they may use putty-like materials. These impressions will be sent to the dental lab and they will be used to ensure that your crowns match your teeth closely. It usually takes about 2 weeks for your crowns to be created, in the meantime you will be fitted with a temporary crown to help protect the tooth and ensure that it doesn’t look unsightly as you wait for your permanent crown to be ready. Once it has been created, your dentist will call you back in, remove the temporary crown and attach your permanent one, which will be fixed onto your tooth either using permanent dental cement or resin that hardens when exposed to a special laser or light source.

Dental crowns also play an important role in replacing missing teeth, particularly where bridges are involved. The dental crowns are attached to the adjacent teeth either side of the gap left behind by the missing teeth, and are also known as the abutment teeth. The crowns are the ones that helps support the bridgework, as per the subject matter experts over at, the best place to go to in Katy Texas for dental crowns and bridges. The two dental crowns are used to support the pontic, or the artificial tooth, that will be the replacement tooth. Once you have your dental crown or bridge fitted, then you will have to take care of them as you would your other natural teeth. This means that you should brush and floss your teeth regularly as well as ensuring that you don’t bite down on hard substances or use your teeth to open stuff like bottlecaps. You should also protect your teeth by wearing custom-made mouthguards when playing contact sports or nightguards if you grind your teeth at night when asleep.

As always, if you are looking for more information on this and other related topics, make sure you head to the highly regarded, which is also the best place to go to in Katy Texas when looking for a dentist near you for such dental services.