Dentist Near Me Katy Texas: Cosmetic Dentistry Invisalign

Dentist Near Me Katy Texas: Cosmetic Dentistry Invisalign

If you have misaligned teeth, then it not only causes functional issues as far as your teeth, and your bite in particular, are concerned, it also becomes an issue as far as the aesthetics of your smile is concerned. Your dentist may then recommend that you get orthodontic treatment to get your teeth aligned to fix these issues and give you a smile you can be proud of, with the best place to go for such services in Katy Texas being over at the excellent The problem in years past was that traditional orthodontic treatment usually involved getting traditional braces with metal brackets. While these weren’t such an issue for kids, it was something adults and even teenagers weren’t so keen on, for the aesthetics alone. As an adult, it would be embarrassing to be seen around wearing metal braces, which have for the longest time been associated with kids. These metal braces were also clunky and uncomfortable to wear. It was therefore a good day for adults, and teens, when Invisalign entered the orthodontic dentistry field. This is because, they are an orthodontic treatment which uses clear plastic aligners to align your teeth. They are not only clear, which makes them practically invisible, but also removable, making them extremely convenient. This article will look to get into a bit of detail as far as they are concerned with the hope that it will be provide you with valuable information in case you are looking to get them for yourself.

As mentioned above, Invisalign are clear and removable which cater for all the misgivings adults had about metal braces. They are also custom-made, which means that you will have a set made for you depending on your needs, as per the gurus over at in Katy Texas. You will get a set of aligners once you start treatment, with each set working to gradually shift your teeth until the results you are looking for are achieved. Each set will fit tightly around your teeth and apply focused pressure on a given area so as to align your teeth and bite. The complexity of your treatment is what will determine the total time that you will take during treatment as there are treatments that may take a year or less, while there are those that may take between a year and 2 years. Invisalign comes with a number of benefits, key among them being that since they are clear, they have great aesthetic value and as such you won’t have to feel self-conscious when speaking and smiling while wearing them. Since they are removable, you can not only slip them off when you need to like when you need to make a big presentation, it also allows you to take them off and normally brush and floss ensuring that your oral health remains excellent while you receive orthodontic treatment. They are also a lot more comfortable as compared to metal braces, among other benefits.

Some of the issues Invisalign can help fix include cases of crowded teeth, teeth with gaps in between them, cases of overbite, underbite as well as crossbite among others. To get your aligners fitted, you will need a consultation visit so as to determine if the treatment is right for you. Once it has been established that you are a god fit, your dentist will proceed to take records of you, which includes taking of dental x-rays as well as photographs and dental impressions of your teeth. This is the stage where your dentist will formulate a treatment plan for you on how they want your teeth to move. They will then have these records, as well as how they want your teeth moved, sent over to Invisalign for your aligners to be custom-made. Invisalign will use this information and input it into a computer to create a 3D model of your dental profile as well as a computer model of how your teeth will be moved, with any changes made with consultation with your dentist, who can log on and review these computer models every step of the way as per the excellent in Katy Texas. Once your dentist is satisfied, they will have Invisalign create a series of aligners for you, which will be mailed over when done. Each aligner is designed in such a way that your teeth will be slightly straighter than the previous aligner. Each aligner is worn for 2 weeks which means that you will have to go to your dentist every 2 weeks to have your aligners changed. While these aligners are removable, it is recommended that you wear them almost always, at least for 22 hours each day, removing them only to brush your teeth or eat, for them to work as intended. Once your treatment is complete, you will be given retainers to wear to ensure that your aligned teeth stay where they are.

While orthodontic treatment with Invisalign usually costs a bit more than with regular metal braces, the folks over at in Katy Texas have a number of payment options and discounts that will make it more affordable for you and as such you should check them out for the same.

Hopefully, this article will provide you with any information you may need about Invisalign, keeping in mind that if you need such services, then the best place to visit in Katy Texas is over at the highly rated