Dentist Near Me: Katy Texas: Can Emergency Dentists do Root Canals?

Dentist Near Me: Katy Texas: Can Emergency Dentists do Root Canals?

There are a number of instances when you may need to make an appointment with an emergency dentist, which for the people of Katy Texas means going over to the excellent These include having a tooth knocked out, badly chipping a tooth or suffering serious oral injuries during a car accident among many others. In all of these situations, it will be obvious that you need to go to an emergency dentist right away since your tooth will definitely have physical damage. What if you have a severely painful tooth, one that is so painful that you feel like you need to be seen straight away? If you have a severely painful tooth, then you will know that the pulp is definitely involved as this is the part of the tooth that contains the nerves and blood vessels that service the tooth. If the pulp is involved, then you will know that to treat the infection and stop the pain, a root canal procedure will be required. A root canal procedure will help save the affected tooth by removing the infected pulp and nerve and as such will also help alleviate your tooth pain. While you may know that you will require a root canal procedure, the question that you may ask yourself in such a situation is if you should go to an emergency dentist and if they are able to do root canals? Well, this article will look to answer that question and then some.

The simple answer to the above question is yes, emergency dentists, like the highly regarded ones over at in Spring Texas, can be able to do root canals. This is because there are times when you may be experiencing severe dental pain and as such you require an emergency root canal to not only help you get relief from the painful tooth, but also help save said tooth. You may be experiencing symptoms due to the oral infection that cannot wait or that are accompanied by pain that is so severe, you are unable to bear it. Signs that you may need an emergency root canal include throbbing pain in the tooth, gum pain, a dental abscess which can appear as a hard lump in the gum tissue, severe facial swelling, a tooth that has turned grey or black, difficulty eating due to the pain among others. If you are experiencing a combination of these symptoms and you are unable to get a hold of your dentist as it may be at night, a weekend or holiday, then this is where an emergency dentist will come in handy as they are on call 24/7. In such a situation, you should head over to an emergency dentist as soon as possible for an emergency root canal procedure.

Once you go to an emergency dentist for a root canal procedure, they will first examine the affected tooth and see if a root canal is required. Once it has been established that you need to have one done, the emergency dentist will numb the tooth and surrounding area to ensure that you don’t feel any discomfort during the procedure. Over at the excellent in Katy Texas, the emergency dentist will talk you through your anesthesia options and help choose the best one for you, including general anesthesia for those that may want to go to “sleep” during the procedure. The emergency dentist will then prepare the tooth for the emergency root canal by using a dental drill to access the interior parts of the affected tooth, that is, the pulp. The infected pulp will then be removed after which the tooth will be flushed and treated with antibiotics to ensure that no infection is left behind. After the infection has been removed, the tooth will be filled with a temporary filling.

Emergency dentists in most cases will be able to do majority of the root canal, up to the placement of a temporary filling to help get rid of the pain and discomfort, after which they will tell you to see your dentist, when they are available again, to finish off the procedure by placing either an inlay, onlay or a crown to restore the tooth. They are there to provide you with relief through the emergency root canal and as such will do majority of the root canal bar finishing it off, although over at in Katy Texas, they will also finish the procedure through the aforementioned restorations. If you are in need of an emergency root canal, then you can call your dentist as in most cases their after-hours voicemail will provide contact information of an on-call emergency dentist who you can then call and schedule an emergency root canal. You can also make use of online resources to search for the best emergency dentists near you and go over to see them for the same.

Remember, if you are experiencing signs of a severe infection in a tooth as well as severe toothache, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible as the sooner the infection can be dealt with, the better. This is why emergency dentist are able to perform root canals, as they help provide such services when your dentist is not available. If you are in Katy Texas and are looking for an emergency dentist near you, then you should look no further than the highly regarded ones over at