Dentist Near Me: Katy Texas: Can an Emergency Dentist Remove Tooth

Dentist Near Me: Katy Texas: Can an Emergency Dentist Remove Tooth

Your aim and the aim of your dentist should be very much on preserving your natural permanent teeth for as long as possible, preferably for a lifetime. This is because once you lose a permanent tooth, it won’t grow back, and as such you will end up with a missing tooth, which you will have to replace with the various restorations available for the same. This is why, in the dental world, the removal of teeth is the very last option, taken up after all efforts to save the tooth in question have failed. All dental professionals operate with this philosophy, with emergency dentists like those over at the excellent being no exception. An emergency dentist is the dental professional that you will go to for urgent attention during a dental emergency, especially if your dentist is not available. Given that a dental emergency can occur at practically any time or day, emergency dentists are crucial as they are usually always on call, unlike your dentist who won’t be available during the weekend, holidays or late at night. Once you go to an emergency dentist for a dental emergency, their aim will be pretty much to try and save the affected tooth; that is why they are there, to provide urgent attention to try and save teeth. However, your tooth may be so badly damaged that it is not possible for it to be saved. In such a situation, the only option that is left on the table is to have the tooth removed. At that moment in time, the question that will crop up is whether or not an emergency dentist can remove a tooth? This article will look to have that question answered.

Straight off the bat, the answer to this question is yes, an emergency dentist can be able to remove a tooth. While the main focus of an emergency dentist, including those over at in Katy Texas, is to try everything they can to save your tooth, if all else fails and the affected tooth can’t be saved, then they have the capability to remove the affected tooth. This will be the last resort and will be done to ensure that you don’t suffer any bad outcomes as far as your oral and general health go. The fact that an emergency dentist can be able to perform an emergency tooth extraction is good news as there are times when you will be experiencing severe pain and you know that, given the damage suffered by the affected tooth, it may have to be removed. In such a situation, you can comfortably go to an emergency dentist with the knowledge that if all fails, then they will have the tooth removed and save you from more pain and damage. You therefore don’t have to suffer through pain as you wait for your dentist to be available once again.

Given that we have now established that an emergency dentist can in fact be able to remove a tooth, it is important to highlight the instances when they may deem it necessary to remove a tooth. One of these instances is if you have suffered trauma to the mouth and have badly damaged a tooth that it can’t be saved. The tooth may have been badly cracked or fractured, the fracture to the tooth may be below the gum line or the tooth may be extremely loose that it can’t be salvaged. If you have a problematic wisdom tooth such as one that is impacted, and you are experiencing severe pain and swelling, then an emergency dentist will deem it necessary to have the wisdom tooth removed. Yet another instance when an emergency dentist may deem it necessary to have a tooth removed is if it is so badly damaged by decay or an infection, that it can’t be saved even with an emergency root canal procedure. In all these cases, an emergency dentist, as is the case over at in Katy Texas, will do all that is within their power to save the tooth before deciding to remove the tooth if all else fails.

Once an emergency dentist has established that the only course of action left is to remove the affected tooth, they will prepare you for the procedure, which we are going to look at next so that you know what to expect. The first thing they will do is numb the tooth being removed and the surrounding tissue to ensure that you won’t feel any pain or discomfort during the removal. Over at the highly regarded in Katy Texas they take this step very seriously as your comfort is one of their main priorities. Next up, the emergency dentist will loosen the tooth being removed using a tool known as an elevator and once the tooth is sufficiently loose, they will remove it using a pair of forceps. In certain cases, the emergency dentist may have to place a few stitches, usually self-dissolving stitches, over the site of the site of the extraction. You will then be given a piece of gauze to bite on, which will help stem any bleeding and also help a blood clot to form. The blood clot is important as it helps cover the bone in the socket as well as help the tissue to heal. Once the emergency dentist has established that there is no more bleeding, you will be given clear aftercare instructions which you should make sure you follow to the letter after which they will discharge you.

Given that the above discussion establishes that an emergency dentist can be able to remove a tooth, if you are in Katy Texas and are looking for dentist near you for such services, then the best place to go to in such a situation is over at the highly rated