Dentist Near Me: Katy Texas: Can an Emergency Dentist Extract a Tooth

Dentist Near Me: Katy Texas: Can an Emergency Dentist Extract a Tooth

Most of us know how a tooth extraction works, maybe you’ve heard about it or have experienced it yourself. You go to your dentist with a dental issue, they examine the affected tooth and after weighing up various options through which they can save it and realizing that the tooth is damaged beyond saving, they recommend an extraction. They then share the results with you and talk you through the procedure after which they schedule the tooth extraction. What happens however if you are experiencing a dental emergency, one where your tooth is so badly damaged that it may have to be extracted, and your dentist is not available? We all know that when experiencing a dental emergency and your dentist is not available, maybe due to it being after-hours or being a holiday or weekend, then you have two options; go to an emergency room or go to an emergency dentist like the highly rated ones over at in Katy Texas. Emergency room physicians will only help you with the pain, bleeding or swelling and won’t help treat the underlying issue as they are not dental professionals. Which means that if you are to receive urgent dental care, your only option is to go to an emergency dentist. But, can they extract a tooth? Well, this article will look to have this question answered and then some.

The answer to the question, “can an emergency dentist extract a tooth” is yes, they absolutely can. As is the case for any dental professional out there, an emergency dentist, like the excellent ones over at in Katy Texas, will first do all that is within their power to try and save the affected tooth. This means that if you come in with a cracked or fractured tooth, they will try to fix it with restoration such as fillings and see if they can restore it. If you have severe tooth decay, they will do everything within their power to fix the decay through fillings, dental crowns and even an emergency root canal procedure. The same will apply for a badly infected tooth or abscessed tooth, where they will drain the tooth and see if it can be saved through an emergency root canal. Bottomline is that an emergency dentist’s priority is very much to try and save your tooth. However, if the damage is so bad that the tooth can’t be saved and could lead to more serious health issues, then they have the expertise to have such a tooth extracted.

You may be wondering when a tooth can be so damaged that it has to be extracted, something this article will look to help you with by addressing next. One of the instances when a tooth may have to be extracted is if it has been badly damaged due to trauma. This includes cases where a tooth has been fractured below the gum line, has been severely cracked that it can’t be saved or is extremely loose. The tooth may also have been badly damaged due to tooth decay that it is impossible for it to be saved by the emergency dentist. Yet another instance when an emergency dentist, like the highly rated ones over at in Katy Texas, may have to extract a tooth is if it has been badly damaged by an infection that it can’t be saved and there is a chance that the infection will spread if it is not extracted. If you go to an emergency dentist with a wisdom tooth that is impacted and is extremely painful, they will also have it extracted. In all of the aforementioned instances, an emergency dentist will only move to extract a tooth after it becomes apparent that the tooth is so badly damaged that it can’t be saved.

Next up we are going to highlight what the procedure of having a tooth extracted entails so that you know what to expect when you go to an emergency dentist for an extraction, which for the people of Katy Texas means heading over to the highly rated The first step of this procedure is to numb the tooth being extracted as well as the surrounding tissue with a local anesthetic. This is applied to ensure that you won’t feel any pain or discomfort during the extraction. Once the emergency dentist has ascertained that you are comfortable, they will then proceed with the extraction proper. The first step here involves the loosening of the tooth being extracted with a tool known as an elevator. Once the tooth is sufficiently loose, they will use a pair of forceps to extract the tooth from its socket. The emergency dentist may then have to place a few self-dissolving stitches on the site of the extraction to close it up. They will then give you a piece of gauze to bite on to help stop the bleeding also help a blood clot to form. The blood clot will help cover the bone in the socket as well as help the gum tissue heal. Your dentist will then give you detailed aftercare instructions which you should follow once you get home to ensure that you heal quickly and fully.

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