Dental Nightguards – Top 5 Tips Spring in Texas

Dental Nightguards – Top 5 Tips Spring in Texas

If you grind your teeth at night, you are not alone. In fact, the issue of teeth grinding at night is becoming more prevalent. Teeth grinding is a condition where you grate your teeth together in your sleep. For most people, it is a mild irritation and does not lead to any damage. However, it can be a source of trouble for others. It can lead to flattened teeth, chipped teeth, jaw and face pain, headaches, and much more. One of the most effective ways to deal with it is via night guard. That is why we at Vita Dental Houston have decided to give you a few tips on using and caring for this night guard.

Check what the issue is

A night guard should not be causing you any problems. It should fit snugly into your mouth and let you sleep comfortably. However, if you find yourself losing sleep because of the mouth guard, you need to get to the root of the issue. That will mean you need to put it on and pay attention.

Sometimes, it may be that the mouth guard activates your gag reflex. Besides that, it may be that the night guard may be causing your jaws to shift in position. When you notice what the issue is, talk to your dentist. No matter how minor it may seem to you, he or she will have a solution for it.

Check out your options

Technology has come a long way since the invention of night guards. Today, you can choose from many different options. The night guards of today can be made to fit on the top or bottom teeth. For some people either is more comfortable than the other is. In other cases, night guards can be made to cover only the front teeth.

Front teeth night guards are especially useful for people with a gag reflex that is strong. It is also great for people who vanity is a major issue; they cannot stand the thought of their partner seeing them with a bulky implement every time they go to bed. Besides that, night guards can be made of a light material. These lighter night guards are great for light sleepers. For some people, the bulkiness of the night guard makes it almost impossible for them to fall asleep.

Invest in a custom night guard

When you buy an OTC night guard, you will need to boil it and bite down on it. This way, it will take the form of your teeth. However, your night guard may not become too effective. The best option is to get a night guard that is created specifically for you by your dentist. Besides that, the dental expert will have expertise on how to ensure the night guard fits perfectly. Best of all, a custom night guard is made of high-end materials. That way, it will be softer and let you sleep better at night.

Deep clean the night guard once a week

Once a week, make sure that you deep clean the night guard. There are various ways to do this. One way to do this is to buy an OTC denture cleaner. Simply place the night guard in a glass or bowl with water. Then allow the cleaner to dissolve in the water.

You can also use vinegar mixed with hydrogen peroxide to clean the night guard. Ensure that you soak the night guard in distilled vinegar for about half an hour. After the soak, rinse it with water. You should then soak it in hydrogen peroxide for half an hour. Rinse it again and allow it to dry.

You can also use mouthwash and water to clean your night guard. Simply pour a cup of mouthwash into a bowl and dilute with water until the night guard is covered. Let it soak for half an hour and then rinse it and let it dry. Ensure that you never soak a mouth guard in anything for more than half an hour. It is made of a delicate material, which can be damaged by soaking.

Wear it before you go to sleep

When you are planning to go to sleep, wear your night guard about 30 minutes before you sleep. This way, you will have become used to it by the time you are going to sleep. This is especially important if you are a light sleeper. This way, you will not feel like you have a foreign object in your mouth once you decide it is time for bed.


Even with all these tips, remember that it will take time. This can be even worse if you have never used braces or any other oral device. At first, it will feel strange. However, the feeling should go within a few weeks. Always remember that the small amount of discomfort will be worth it compared to the long-term health of your teeth.