Why Dental Mini Implants May be Right Choice for You?

Although not as popular as traditional implants, mini implants are being successfully used in cosmetic dentistry to enhance smiles and give people the confidence they need to tackle their daily lives. Mini implants are significantly smaller than traditional implants. They are less than 3 millimeters in diameter and are made of titanium. Despite their small size though, they are just as efficient as their bigger counterparts and you might unknowingly be needing them in your life.

Here are 10 reasons why dental mini implants may be right for you-

 They are perfect for small spaces and teeth

If you have small teeth with very tiny spaces in between, then mini implants might be the right tools to get the job done. Some people have teeth which are too small and the traditional implants are too wide or too big for the spaces and will not fit in properly. This is especially experienced in children and young adults. This is where the mini implants are called up and they never disappoint.

Mini implants are perfect for stabilization of dentures

Slowly, these implants are replacing the traditional ones when it comes to stabilizing snap on/off dentures. Thanks to their small size, they are easier to fix and are therefore preferred when it comes to stabilizing the lower dentures. They offer amazing stability and the dentures will be sturdy after fixing.

Less invasive

Given a choice between the traditional implants and the revolutionary mini ones, most people opt for the latter! This is an easy decision for many because the mini implants are less invasive. Considering that the performance of the two is almost the same, it is understandable that people opt for the lesser invasive option.


Mini implants are cheaper than the traditional implants. The difference in prices might not be as significant but the mini implants are relatively cheaper. Considering how costly it can be to get multiple implants, it doesn’t hurt to go for something cheaper.

No graft failure

Thanks to the nature of the mini implants, there is very low risk of graft failure. Even if something went wrong during the procedure and one or more implants failed, the toothpick-size holes left behind are too small and will not cause any significant complications. Unlike their traditional counterparts which will need sizable chunks of graft to seal any hole left behind, mini implants have very low risks attached to them.

Highly durable

When looking for ideals implants to rectify whatever condition you are suffering from, I am sure durability is right up there with cost as the first considerations you have to make. Despite looking small and miniature, the mini implants are incredibly strong and durable. They are made from durable titanium and will therefore serve their designated purpose for as long as possible before requiring replacement.

Perfect for patients with bone deficiency

Some patients suffer from lack of enough bone for traditional dental implants. The traditional implants require more bone for them to be anchored properly into position. This is where the mini implants come in handy as they require very little bone depth for them to be held into position firmly. This makes them ideal for everyone irrespective of the size of bone available.

Quick and easy fixing

It is also worth mentioning that the mini implants require very little effort to fix into place. They are small and penetrate the bone with relative easy. In a single appointment therefore, your dentist can fix all the implants required and you will not be required to come back to the hospital again. How cool is that?

Titanium has no side effect

The mini implants also don’t have any known side effects. Titanium is an inert metal and will hardly react with the bone components. You can therefore expect no side effects at all or any complications to accompany the procedures.

Quick and easy replacement

In case they need to be replaced, the mini implants will not require a lot of effort. Unlike their traditional counterparts which require special machines and a lot of care to pull out and replace, mini implants require very little time and effort to replace.


Considering the fact that they require one appointment to install, have very low risks associated and come at a cheap price, mini implants are really convenient and will save you a lot of effort. The next time you need implants therefore, it might be wiser to talk to your dentist about the mini option-they soon will replace the traditional ones.

Here at Vita Dental Houston, we are on the forefront when it comes to opting for dental solutions which are less invasive and are more effective. This is why we have invested in high quality mini implants and offer them to our patients at very affordable rates. To find out more about our implants, give us call today and we will provide more information on the small gems.