Dental Implants: What is the Recovery Time – 10 Facts

Dental Implants: What is the Recovery Time – 10 Facts

Dental implants have emerged to be the most effective way to replace a missing tooth permanently. Undergoing the dental implant procedure is considered to be a major surgery indicating that one requires adequate time to heal for the implant to be successful. There is no fixed recovery time for all patients. The time it takes for one to recover depends on a number of factors that are different for every individual who undergoes the procedure. Vita Dental, in this post, highlights 10 facts that characterize the recovery time for dental implants.

There is no fixed recovery time for patients who get dental implants

The time it takes for one to recover after undergoing the surgery varies from one person to another. The period is usually dependent on how the treated patient handled their recovery, the nature of the treatment for the patient and the number of teeth that were affected.

You can go on with your life while you are still recovering

It is only during the first few days that one has to be calmer. The first few days after the surgery will require one to only consume soft foods and to carefully brush on the affected region to avoid causing any damage to the teeth. After a couple of days, they can resume back to their normal lives; only paying a little attention to the implant.

One can expect some swelling and minor discomfort early after treatment

A typical dental implant procedure comes with some level of discomfort after the implant surgery. This is normal for the early days of the recovery time. The swelling and the mild discomfort should fade away within a few days. The only time one can be worried during their recovery period is if they see no improvement and still get a painful sensation 2 weeks post-surgery.

Simple medication can be used to suffice the pain

In case you are experiencing some pain, you can get yourself some over-the-counter drugs to get rid of the pain. The medication suggested by your implant specialist is, perhaps, the safest to take.

Smoking post-surgery only increases the recovery time

One has to be careful with their lifestyle if they want to speed up the recovery process. For smokers, they have to abstain from smoking after getting the dental surgery. In addition to increasing the recovery time, smoking can cause more harm, particularly if bone grafting was involved before the implant was placed. Alcohol use is, also, off limits.

One needs to maintain a proper diet

One of the key ingredient for a short recovery period is the diet one takes. A patient has be careful to ensure that the diet they take is helpful for their healing process. Foods rich in calcium are good for teeth and bones and hence such foods should be taken in plenty.

High oral hygiene standards are required for proper healing

Maintaining high oral hygiene standards is another key requirement for dental implants. Brushing daily will ensure that there are no food particles that stick on the teeth providing good grounds for bacterial growth that may lead to infection. Also, you have to keenly adhere to the instructions you are provided with after the surgery by your specialist. Normally, your dental implant specialist will offer you a guide on how best to take care of your implant to ensure that you recover quickly.

The fitting of the permanent crown is usually done 2-6 months post-surgery

While in some special cases one can have bridgework or their permanent crown done immediately, a typical procedure is usually characterized by the permanent crown being placed anywhere between 2 months and 6 months. The fitting is done when your dental implant specialist is confident that the implant has fused properly into the structure of your jawbone.

You need to have regular visits to your dentist to assess the progress of your recovery

The assessments that your dental implant specialist makes during your recovery period are very critical in determining how long it would take for you to make a full recovery. The checkup are usually meant to observe the progress of the healing and to check whether there are any complications that may have come up. In the event that there are complications that have arisen and not discovered, the recovery period may take longer. The implant may fail and the procedure may have to be done all over again.

It is, also, during the checkups that you will get to know any updates that affect your recovery time.

The average healing time is 4 to 6 months

While the time it will take for one person to recover after undergoing the dental implant surgery is different from the time another person will take, it is estimated that one can expect to have fully recovered anywhere between the 4th and the 6th month after surgery. The recovery period can be longer depending on one’s individual case.