Dental Implant Restoration – Top 5 Tips in Spring Texas

Dental Implant Restoration – Top 5 Tips in Spring Texas

If you have lost your tooth, dental implants are an excellent solution to ensure you get an almost natural tooth. Implant restoration gives you your smile back, allows you to enjoy all your favorite foods and will boost your self-esteem. However, to maximize the success of this procedure here are the top five tips you need to remember.

You too have a responsibility in the success of your implant

As a patient, you might think that the dentist has all the answers and the responsibility when it comes to dental restoration. However, you also have a responsibility to ensure that the procedure is successful during and after the implant.

You have the responsibility of keeping the implant area as clean as possible by brushing and flossing around the implant. If your dentist asks you to get a mouthwash, ensure you buy it and use it as directed. During the process of implant healing, avoid disturbing the implant.

After the healing process is it essential that you continue taking care of the implant. A common reason implants fail is lack of proper care. Brush regularly, floss, and visit your dentist for regular checkups. If plaque and bacteria build up around the implant, the result can be bone loss and infection that will lead to implant failure.

Grinding is another habit that can cause implant failure even after it has been in your mouth for some time. The side-to-side pressure causes trauma that leads to bone loss around the implant. Address any emotional or environmental stress triggers that cause you to grind your teeth. Additionally, use mouth guards at night to reduce grinding and to protect your implants. It is also important to make your dentist aware that you grind your teeth so that they can consider using a stronger material for your crown.

Set realistic expectations

Most patients have seen the ‘teeth in a day’ advertisements and they think the implant procedure will take a day. Others want a full set of dentures in one day and they will even demand this service from their dentist.

It is important to know that when you visit the dentist he will evaluate your bone density and determine the timeline of your treatment. The process of a successful dental implant can take a day to even a year.

Some patients require bone graft as their bone density is minimal. The bone provides the needed support for your implant. A bone graft can take six months to heal and it can even take another six months for the bone to heal around the implant. Thus, it is good to let your dentist give you the right advice concerning your implant.

You do not have to have a crown immediately

Many dental patients want to have their crowns as soon as possible. It is possible to have your implant and crown in a single day also referred to as immediate restoration. However, the success rate of the implant can drop. Sometimes it is ideal to let the jawbone grow first around the titanium implant screw before your dentist can put the crown. Let the dentist evaluate you and plan the treatment process to ensure success.

In some instances, the crown will put pressure on the implant if put immediately. If this occurs, successful healing might not take place. Your dentist will evaluate if your implant is stable enough to support the weight of a temporary crown. If your dentist says otherwise, accept and be optimistic that after six months your implant will be stable enough to support the crown.

Know the effects of smoking and diabetes on your implant

Research shows that smoking and uncontrolled diabetes increase the risk of implant failure.

Smoking will not allow your wound to heal quickly and this can prevent the full integration of the implant to the bone. This can lead to implant failure. Quitting this habit can increase your chances of getting an implant and can improve the success rate if you already have one in place.

Uncontrolled diabetes is another ailment that inhibits the healing process. Ensure you inform your dentist that you do suffer from diabetes before an implant. He or she will ensure that your diabetes is under control before proceeding with the implant procedure.

Choose the right dentist

Any licensed dentist will tell you they are qualified to place implants. While this is true, it is important to look for dentists who have a good reputation. Some facilities have better reviews from former patients and it is always better to go to a facility that you are assured of getting quality services.

Additionally, periodontics and oral surgeons are better trained and most are more experienced to handle implants. If your case is complex or you are dealing with gum problems or bone loss consider visiting a periodontist or an oral surgeon rather than your regular dentist.

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