How Dental Crown Helps Restore Smiles

One dental treatment option that is fast gaining popularity and becoming an important part of the Texas cosmetic industry is the use of dental crowns. Dental crowns have been around for quite some time but until recently, they were not as popular as braces or dentures. Slowly however, people began realizing that crowns can competently serve both structural and aesthetic purposes. This is why more and more people are nowadays opting for these gems to restore their beautiful smiles.

Dental crowns are faux teeth caps which are designed to look just like natural teeth and perfectly fit into the patients existing teeth improving their aesthetic value. The crowns can be customized to perfectly emulate the look of your natural teeth and no one will ever notice that you have them on you. Without these dental crowns, a lot of celebrities and pop stars wouldn’t afford a smile. This is because these crowns have really helped restore very many smiles in America.

10 Ways Dental Crowns Help Restore Smiles-

Broken teeth

Trauma, accidents and physical altercations are some of the most common causes of broken teeth. Whatever the cause though, we can all agree that broken teeth aren’t particularly the best thing to look at. They affect your smile and give you an awkward look. This affects your confidence and general social interaction with your peers. Dental crowns can however help you resolve this as they can be designed to look like your natural teeth before they broke or chipped.

Extreme dental decay

Crowns also come in handy when someone is suffering from extreme dental decay. See, too much decay affects the look of teeth and compromises one’s smile. To cover up the area affected by decay therefore, crowns are used. In such cases, crowns are used both as a cosmetic instruments and as functional tools because they help reduce the effects of decayed teeth.

After root canal treatment

After root canal treatment, teeth might lose their initial shape and look because of the internal structures has been removed. To help conceal any effects of the root canal procedure, dental crowns are used.

Enhance appearance of teeth which are too small

Sometimes, people are born with teeth which are very small in size and are overshadowed by the gums. This results in an awkward smile and lack of self-confidence. Dental crowns are used to enhance the look of such teeth as they make them appear as if they are big. Other people will hardly notice that the crowns are even in place.

Irregular teeth

Some people have teeth which are not uniform. Some teeth are relatively larger than the neighboring teeth. This lack of consistency results in a weird ‘vampirish’ look which can be scary. Such scenarios can be easily corrected using dental crowns and uniformity achieved.

To cover dental fluorosis

Some forms of dental fluorosis are hard to cure and the discoloration of teeth is very unpleasant. To help cover the discolored patches therefore, dental crowns are used and the initial beautiful smile is restored.

Crowns are used to correct bite problems

When teeth are not perfectly fitting together, then proper biting and chewing of food will be a problem. This pressure imbalance when biting into foods and chewing can be detrimental to the jaw bone and is a leading cause of temporomandibular complications. To help achieve uniformity and regularity in the mouth, crowns are used to cap the teeth causing the misfit.

Crowns enhance the natural look of teeth

Contrary to popular opinion, the natural color of teeth is not white. It is a light shade of yellow which unfortunately is not considered good enough by most people. This is why a lot of people end up bleaching their teeth and trying unconventional means of whitening their teeth. Such unorthodox whitening mechanisms can sometimes backfire and result in very serious complications. The best way to achieve perfectly white teeth is to use dental crowns as they are safe and very easy to clean.

Replacing old crowns

Some people install dental crowns to replace their relatively old crowns or ill-fitting crowns. Sometimes teeth outgrow crowns and it is therefore important to get them replaced with brand new ones which are shinier and fit better.

Had it not be for dental crowns, a lot of people would still be struggling with awkward irregular teeth which are by all means not pleasant to look at. Dental crowns have helped restore smiles and boost the self-confidence of thousands of residents. Here at Vita dental we pride ourselves in offering the best dental crowns in the area at a competitive rate.

If you are struggling with teeth which are not as pleasant, give us a call today or visit our offices for more information on our dental crowns. Visit us today for dental crowns and restore your smile.