Who has Dental Braces in One Direction?

The amount of hate that braces get on tabloids and blogs is unmerited and undue. Yes, braces are not the most comfortable devices to walk around with. They get in the way of smooches and can cause some degree of pain. They can make you shy away from smiling at the cameras and make you want to stay indoors. Contrary to popular opinion though, braces are not as bad as blogs make them look, here is why:

They will help you attain perfect set of teeth and improve your aesthetic appearance by a mile. Today, thousands of celebrities and movie stars can only afford a smile because they had to wear braces at some point in their lives. Many a time, we see celebrities at Grammys and other awards rocking unlikely accessories- sets of glittering braces. many people don’t understand why celebrities and stars wear this things but a few months later, they remain astounded by the looks and smiles of these stars. One perfect example of celebrities who owe their smile to braces is the One Direction heartthrob Niall Horan.

We all love One Direction, don’t we? Ladies especially tend to have a soft spot for this boys band not just for their music but their out of this world looks. Niall Horan and company have managed to earn themselves quite a following online and many people can’t go a day without checking into their social media pages. One thing that very many people don’t know however, is that Niall Horan’s beautiful broad smile would have been only a fantasy had it not been for his dentist.

Niall Horan who hails from Ireland, can only thank his orthodontist for his perfect set of ‘gnashers’. His teeth really look good to the eye thanks to the braces he endured to wear for over a year. 15 months ago, Niall’s teeth were far from the perfect set. They were crooked, unpleasant and almost overlapped over one another. Although his music was still magical, his teeth were ‘uncelebrity- like’. Niall was convinced by his closest friends and family to get braces and it must be said that his orthodontist did a pretty amazing job.

He kept quite a low profile after getting the braces which is pretty much understandable. He no-longer flooded his Instagram with photos of himself as he did in the past. At one point, Malik who is also a member of the band took to social media to mock his friend about the accessories he had in his mouth. Little did Zayn know that 15 months later, Niall would be owning a set more perfect than his! So influential is Niall that he wearing braces motivated millions of his followers to go visit the dentist and get a pair as well. Looking at the results now, you can’t help but appreciate how important braces can be.

His journey with braces was not the easiest as well. We all know how he and his friends love junk and candy- they are kids after all. He therefore had to adjust his diet and reduce his love for candy. He often updated his Facebook mentioning a little pain and pressure on his teeth. This is just what you have to go through with braces. At some point though, about six months after getting his pair, Niall took to twitter to confess his love for his braces. He actually said that they were part of his life and he was used to them now. This just goes to demystify the popular opinion that braces are a nightmare the entire time you have them on.

Fast forward to April 2013, Niall had his braces finally removed and boy the results were visible for all to see. Expressing his excitement at the prospect of a brace-free mouth and a perfect set of teeth, Niall announced on Twitter that his little friend was gone forever. His teeth were not just perfect in shape and position but looked whiter than they were before. Niall is a man who loves facts- he had to prove to the world that braces are truly efficient. He therefore posted a before and after photo so that the world could see the difference. His once, crooked teeth were now perfectly straight and pleasing to the eye.

Niall, is not alone in championing for better teeth through the use of Dental braces. There are other celebrities who have also corrected malocclusions and straightened teeth using braces. Celebrities like Faith Hill, Emma Watson, Tom Cruise, Fuaye Dunaway, Dakota Fanning are some of the famous faces who have used braces to achieve their dream looks.

There you have it, braces are lifesavers. They will help you achieve your dream look perfect for any career. You self-confidence will be a notch higher and the quality of life will be better. Don’t wait anymore, be like Niall-go get braces today and improve your look and life.