What Is The Cost Of Not Replacing Missing Teeth?

A lot of people in the United States live with missing teeth and don’t seem to be bothered. Because their other teeth are totally functional and seem to get the work done, people with missing teeth assume that they are not in any form of danger. Contrary to this popular belief though, trying to live with missing teeth can be more detrimental than you think.

Teeth are very instrumental in a lot of body functions. Besides chewing and digestion, teeth are instrumental in speech utterances, help protect the gums, they are important for facial aesthetics and help to evenly distribute pressure in the mouth when chewing. Missing even one tooth therefore means that the functionality of the entire set of teeth is compromised. This is why dentists advise patients to immediately seek medical help immediately they lose a tooth or multiple teeth lest they risk paying the ultimate price for not replacing missing teeth. To understand why it is important to immediately seek medical help when you lose a tooth, here is the cost of not replacing a missing tooth;

Cost of NOT Replacing a Missing Tooth

Predispose yourself to diseases

If you don’t replace a missing tooth, you will be increasing the chances of developing gum diseases and other complications. Since the area where the tooth once existed is no longer covered, it is easy for disease causing germs to penetrate and do damage to the gums. The infections will then spread to neighboring teeth and wreak havoc in your mouth.

Affected aesthetics

Imagine trying to smile without a front tooth? Imagine the number of people that will be ogling at you every time you try to smile? Will you be confident enough to take selfies with missing teeth? I very much doubt it. Teeth are very important when it comes to facial aesthetics and even a single missing tooth will affect your overall look. Don’t let a missing tooth affect your self-confidence, go get a replacement today!

Bone resorption

 Bone loss also known as bone resorption occurs when a tooth is lost and the natural roots are no longer embedded into the jawbone. The void left behind by a missing tooth takes a toll on the neighboring teeth and with time, you will end up losing more teeth. Bone loss is a serious complication and you should not let it get to worrying levels, get a replacement today.

Impeded speech

Missing teeth also affect the way you pronounce words and articulate your speech. Teeth are instrumental when it comes to proper pronunciation of words and articulation of speech. With a missing tooth, you are likely to develop a lisp and this changes the way you communicate with your friends and family.

Difficulties chewing

A missing tooth, especially a molar or a premolar will take a toll on your chewing and this will affect the entire digestion process. It will be very difficult for you to chew some hard foods and as a result, you will be missing out on very essential nutrients. In the end, your nutrition will be affected and general health will deteriorate over time.

Poor quality of life

Imagine a life where, your smile is affected, you can’t chew all foods properly, you have a problem with speech and can’t associate with your peers freely! It definitely isn’t a life you would enjoy leading. This is exactly what trying to live with a missing tooth gets you- poor quality life.

Temporomandibular joint complications

Missing teeth can lead to the development of temporomandibular joint problems. These are caused by the imbalance in the jaws which are as a result of missing teeth hence uneven distribution of pressure when chewing. TMJ problems are dangerous and you shouldn’t let your problems get that far- visit your dentist today and get help.

It doesn’t have to be costly

You don’t have to pay the ultimate price for not replacing missing teeth. There are very many cheap options available when it comes to replacing missing teeth and you should be keen to use one that suits your condition and promises convenience. These include dentures, dental bridges and dental implants. Talk to your dentist today and get the best replacement for missing teeth.

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