What is the Cost of Not Replacing a Missing Tooth?

Research and dental statistics by the American College of Prosthodontics show that more than 180 million in the US are missing at least one tooth and close to 40 million have no teeth at all in their mouths. There are very may causes of missing teeth in America and it is easy to see why the numbers are over the roof. Some of the main reasons why people lose teeth include injuries, cancer, old age, gum diseases and genetics. Although people can live through with missing teeth, it is important that to note that a missing tooth normally has a very large impact on your life. The consequences might not be experienced immediately but will be felt in the long time. This is why we want to look at the cost of not replacing missing tooth to give you a reason to always strive to replace any missing teeth in your mouth. So, what is the cost of not replacing a missing tooth?

Cost of not Replacing a Missing Tooth

Cosmetic implications

The loss of a tooth or a couple of teeth will result in a weird look. You might appear older than you are and the aesthetic value of your smile will be greatly affected. If you are missing a front tooth especially, you will find it very hard to freely smile before people as you will always be concerned about what people think about your missing tooth. There is also the aspect of people constantly asking you what happened and this unwanted attention will affect the way you live your life. It is only wise therefore wise to replace a missing tooth as soon as you possibly can to improve aesthetics and boost your self-confidence.

Beyond the cosmetic implications and social aspect of missing teeth, there are many other real issues and dangers associated with missing teeth. Here are some of the risks you are in when you have a missing tooth or teeth;

Bone loss

This by far is the most significant danger related with not replacing a missing tooth. Bone loss also known as bone resorption occurs when a tooth is lost and the natural roots are no longer embedded into the jawbone. This leaves a void behind and this causes the jawbone to deteriorate with time. The weakened bone resulting from a missing tooth can have far reaching consequences even on the neighboring teeth. If you don’t replace a missing tooth therefore, you risk losing all the teeth in your mouth because of bone resorption.

Increased susceptibility to gum diseases

If you don’t replace a missing tooth, you will be increasing the chances of developing gum diseases and other complications. Since the area where the tooth once existed is no longer covered, it is easy for disease causing germs to penetrate and do damage to the gums. The diseases can then spread to the neighboring teeth and cause havoc in the mouth.

Limited life

 A missing tooth truly limits your life. Limits your life because there are some foods that you will need to avoid. If you are missing a couple of molars or premolars for example, it might be very difficult to chew some foods. Missing front teeth also make it hard to bite into foods and this generally limits your life. The quality of life you lead reduces drastically.

Diminished health and poor nutrition

Besides the fact the missing teeth make you vulnerable to dental problems, they also lead to diminished health and overall poor nutrition. Since there are some vital foods which you will not be able to eat, you will be missing vital nutrients in your body.

Impeded speech

Missing teeth also affect the way you pronounce words and articulate your speech. Teeth are instrumental when it comes to proper pronunciation of words and articulation of speech. With a missing tooth, you are likely to develop a lisp and this changes the way you communicate with your friends and family.

You don’t have to pay the price for a missing tooth

Instead of exposing yourself to all these risks and dangers, it is imperative to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible. Failure to do this, you will lead a life full of limitations and even risk losing your other teeth. There are very many cheap options available when it comes to replacing missing teeth and you should be keen to use these means. These include dentures, dental bridges and dental implants.

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