What Should You Do When Your Child Goes Back to School with New Braces?

The prospect of getting colorful braces and finally achieving a straight beautiful smile gives joy to many children. The idea of wearing braces looks cool and all swanky to school going children but most of them are not prepared for what is in store for them once they get back to school. Going back to school with braces is full of mixed emotions because children are not quite sure of the reception that they are going to get from their peers. Will they ogle at the braces for too long?

It is your duty as a parent therefore to ensure that your children are prepared for the changes in routine and embrace the changes in reception that they are bound to get once they step foot in school. Braces are very delicate to handle and if as a parent you don’t teach your young one to keep them clean, they will end up being damaged. So, what should you do as a parent to help your child go back to school with new braces? Here are 11 professional tips for going back to school with braces which will help your child make the transition smoothly;

Tips for Going Back to School with Braces

Talk to them about the reception they are likely to get

Prepare your child psychologically for the reception that they are likely to get on the first day back at school with new braces. Let them know that their friends will be curious about the new ‘things’ in their mouth and that they should be generous enough to explain to them what the things are.

Children should not play with braces

Help your children understand that braces are highly prone to damage and if they are not careful they will easily cause harm to them. Advise them not to let their friend touch or play with the braces as they are prone to damage.

Always carry the braces care kit in school

Dental Braces normally come in a special care kit where items meant to keep the braces clean are kept. Teach your children to always carry the braces care kit around when going to school and they should include all the necessary tools. These include the toothbrush, paste, dental floss, dental wax and the lip balm.

Teach them on what to do in case of any pain or irritation

New Dental braces are likely to cause some pain and irritation at some point. Teach your child to apply a small amount of dental wax on the lips, gums or cheeks to help reduce the irritation.

Use the lip balm to make lips supple

Children should know that braces will make their lips dry over a period of time because of the reduced secretion of saliva. Whenever they feel that their lips are dry and irritated, they should use the lip balm to make them supple and reduce the irritation.

Carry water to school always

The other thing that children must be mindful of when they go back to school with braces is the fact that they need to hydrate regularly. Hydration is not only important for your child’s health but will help flush down and food particles from the surface of the braces rendering them clean.

Use a straw when drinking soda

With new braces comes a few restrictions and one of them is drinking soda. Soda and other sugary drinks are dangerous to braces because of the stains and high sugar levels and if they must be taken, it is advisable to drink them using a straw so that they don’t come into direct contact with the braces.

Be mindful of what they eat at school

Teach your children to be careful on what they choose to eat and drink at school. Hard, gooey, crunchy and sticky foods are braces’ worst enemies and children should avoid them at all costs. These foods will stick to the surface of the braces making them dirty. Some hard foods can potentially damage the wires and brackets of the braces.

Always pack a lunch for your child

To help your children avoid the temptations of eating junk and candy at school, always pack lunch for your young one. This way you are sure that the foods they are eating are not dangerous to the braces and are healthy to them.

Mouth guards come in handy if the child is active

Getting new braces does not mean that your child should stop participating in sports at school. TO enable them keep going, make sure that they have a mouth guard packed in their bag always as it will help prevent injury.

A small mirror goes a long way

Food particles easily get stuck on the surface of braces and giving your child a small mirror will help them see these particles and remove them. The mirror will also help your kid to know when the braces are dirty and need cleaning.

All the above tips helps to your kids go back to school with new braces, in spite of this you are unable to educate your kids at home, then come at Best Dental Care in Katy, here kids dental specialist help to educate them.