Why Chewing Gum is Not a Substitute for Dental Exams?

A few years back, a chewing gum advert created a buzz online. The advert seemed to suggest that chewing gum is good for your dental health. According to the ad, chewing gum was so good that it could actually replace brushing, flossing and even going to the dentist. Well, the marketing gimmicking seemed to work and people bought the gum believing everything the ad had to preach. So, was it just another fad or is chewing gum actually good for your dental health? Should chewing gum substitute you going for dental checkups?

Chewing gum is good for your dental health. Especially sugar free gum is very important in the proper development of teeth. Chewing gum increases the flow of saliva in the mouth and has been found to reduce the chances of dental decay affecting the individual chewing gum. Sugary gum on the other hand is just as bad as confectionery when it comes to accelerating dental decay. The sugar gives plaque energy to develop and spread harmful acids in your mouth. This therefore goes to show that chewing gum is good for your health but only when you choose your gum properly.

Sugar-free gum is a good adjunct to brushing and flossing but never should it be a substitute for either. Chewing game should not also replace going for dental exams. The latter is far more beneficial that chewing sugar free gum.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Chewing Gum is not a Substitute for Dental Exams-

  1. Chewing gum for too long can be detrimental

We all know the implications of chewing something for too long without swallowing. Chewing gum, even if it is sugar free can lead to development or worsening of existing temporomandibular complications. Because you can only chew gum on one side of the mouth at a time, there tends to be an imbalance in jaw pressure and this is very dangerous for the jaws. You should therefore just chew gum for a maximum of two hours in a week and never substitute it with going for medical exams.

      2. Chewing gum can’t diagnose complications

The other reason why you should always go for medical checkups instead of chewing gum is because medical checkups can help the dentist diagnose complications. Although chewing gum can help your teeth to remain healthy, it will never diagnose complications or pick up deep underlying dental complications. During the dental examination, your dentist can come across a problem which you were not aware of and enlighten you on the same whereas if you chewed gum your entire life, you would never discover the problem until it takes its toll on you.

    3. Chewing gum can’t clean your teeth properly

Replacing brushing of teeth, flossing and making visits to your dentist with chewing sugar free gum will only render your mouth dirty and full of bacteria. See, although chewing gum helps saliva to properly circulate in the mouth, it doesn’t get rid of the food remnants lodged between teeth. These remnants accumulate over time and are the genesis of dental decay and development of cavities. Brushing on a regular basis and flossing your teeth after every meal on the other hand will eliminate most of the remnants from the surface of teeth and the remaining substances can be removed by the dentists during one of your dental visits through proper cleaning.

    4. Chewing gum cannot heal dental complications

Assuming you had a toothache, do you think chewing gum could heal it? If anything, chewing gum with a dental complication will only make it worse. This is why it is imperative to make regular visits to your dentist’s office as these visits will help your dentist to pick up any dental complication bothering you and administer the relevant medication. Chewing gum should therefore be just an adjunct and not a substitute for making visits to the dentists.

  1. Chewing gum can’t offer professional advice on diet and developing good dental habits

Visiting your dentist is about more than receiving treatment. It is a very good opportunity for you to bond with your dentist and receive important dental insights and tips on how to remain healthy. This is something that you will never quite get if you decide to chew gum all year long and avoid visiting your dentist. Making regular visits to your dentist is incumbent and has very many positives.

Here at Vita Professional Dentist care , we know too well how important it is to keep your jaws active and chew as much gum as you can. We however advise our patients to use gum as an adjunct to brushing and flossing and never should it be a permanent replacement. Brush your teeth on a regular basis, floss after every meal and make at least 3 visits to your dentist every single year. Chewing gum should just be at your own pleasure.