What Should You Do In Case Of A Broken Front Tooth?

Very few accidents quite match the trauma of breaking a front tooth. It is not only painful but affects your ability to freely talk and even eat. The embarrassment that comes from an unpleasant smile together with the eating impairment really affects the quality of life you lead and it is imperative to get immediate medical help. So, what should you do in case of a broken front tooth? Can a broken front tooth be replaced?

Thanks to improvements in modern dentistry, there is a lots of options available to replace cracked, broken or totally missing front teeth. The viability of an option will depend on the case of the breakage, the severity of the breakage and the age of the victim. Here is a quick look at some of the most common reported cases of front tooth accidents;

Completely broken teeth

These are the most common cases reported and they double as the most painful cases. For a front tooth to be completely broken, it takes a lot of force because the enamel is very strong. The tooth is structurally sound and it is not the easiest thing trying to knock it out. Accidents are the leading cause of broken teeth and they will result in the complete loss of the crown of the teeth and leave the root in place. This is a very painful ordeal and needs immediate medical care. If you leave such broken teeth untreated, you will be exposing yourself to infections, swellings and severe pain.

Tooth Avulsion

It avulsion, the tooth is completely knocked out including the root. This means that the tooth is not broken in any way but is shed completely. This is a very painful experience and will result in a lot of bleeding making it very serious. The only positive of this form of accident is that the tooth can be put back into place if it is kept fresh and supple enough. This is done by placing it in cold milk and leaving it untouched until you get to your dentist.

Loose tooth

Sometimes, the tooth is not broken or avulsed but rather knocked loose. The upper crown feels very loose and only a very small part of the root is left attached to the jawbone. Hits to the mouth or even infections can lead to the loosening of front teeth and if you don’t get quick medical attention the tooth might end up being shed altogether. Loose teeth might or might not be accompanied by bleeding.

Replacing broken front teeth

There are very many options available when it comes to replacing broken, loose or convulsed front teeth. Here is what you expect from your dentist when you report a broken, loose or convulsed tooth;


This involves the use of a composite resin to seal the cracked area. This is a cheap means of treating broken teeth and requires very little visits to the dentists. It is however important to note that bonding is not a long lasting solution as the resin is not as strong and will be eroded with time.

Dental Crown

A crown is suitable in situations where the breakage does not extend down to the root of the tooth or below. Crowns are made of porcelain cover the broken area of the tooth and restore its original shape. Crown are not very expensive and are very durable.

Dental Implant

If the breakage is too huge and reaches beneath the gum line, then a dentist will be forced to remove the remnants and install a new dental implant to serve as a tooth. The implant is installed in your jawbone to replace the root of your tooth and is then covered with a crown to emulate a real tooth.

Direct replacement

In the case of a convulsed tooth, the dentist might be forced to return the original tooth back into position if it was reserved and kept fresh. If the root is not tampered with, the dentist can use a special resin to put the original tooth back into place and if need be fasten it with special wires and it will regain its functionality over time.

Whatever the cause of the breakage, it is imperative to visit your dentist as soon as possible to receive the relevant medical help you need. Left untreated, dental breakages will expose you to infections and will really affect the quality of life you lead because of the aspect of pain and sensitivity associated with these breakages.

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