Can Dentist Remove Wisdom Tooth – Dentist In Spring Texas

Can Dentist Remove Wisdom Tooth – Dentist In Spring Texas

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that grow during the late teen years and early twenties. In many people, the wisdom teeth aren’t correctly aligned and may require removal. However, this is not in all cases. Mis-alignment and crowding of wisdom teeth damage the surrounding including the jaw bones, gum tissues, and even the nerves.

Some wisdom teeth may become impacted by the partial eruption of a tooth from the gums while the rest of the tooth remains stuck in the jawbone or gum tissue. In such a case, the condition becomes a pre-disposing factor for bacterial infections which eventually result in swelling, jaw stiffness, excruciating pain and other associated ailments. Impacted teeth are also more vulnerable to infections such as the gum disease, tooth decay owing to the exposure of decaying food particles hidden despite regular brushing and flossing. Wisdom teeth don’t always cause pain, but once the problems emanate, it can be too hard to ignore.

Removal of Wisdom tooth

There is a considerable difference between extraction of a wisdom tooth and retrieval of a normal tooth. Extraction of normal teeth does not entail complex procedures hence can be handled by the normal dentist. On the other hand, extracting wisdom teeth that are either impacted or before they erupt, maybe a too complex procedure to be handled in the dentist’s office. This is due to the intensity of the surgical procedure and the fact that patients require a heavy sedative to survive throughout the surgical process. The nature of this type of operation is best handled by an oral surgeon.

Your regular dentist will review your oral x rays and the positioning of your wisdom teeth in which he or she will decide what measure to take. The dentist may recommend the removal of all or some of the wisdom teeth depending on the severity of the condition. Moreover, the dentist may recommend removal of wisdom teeth earlier since mature extractions are complex, painful and may even lead to a dental emergency. After the type of extraction has been identified, the dentist will either proceed with the procedure or refer special cases to an oral surgeon for further evaluation.

A wisdom tooth that has fully erupted, past the gum line can easily be removed through regular extraction. However, an impacted wisdom tooth requires oral surgery. A regular dentist may not have the equipment and skills necessary to monitor a patient during surgery. Without the proper resources necessary, a patient’s life might be at risk. Moreover, blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing must be monitored while under anesthesia.

A surgical procedure may open a can of worms with associated risks such as swelling, bleeding, and pain in which some are common and uncommon scenarios. During the extraction of wisdom teeth, some extreme risks may erupt including the added concern of sinus opening. A regular dentist may not be equipped both skillfully and equipment wise to handle such a procedure.

Your dentist is well adverse with the risks and concerns associated with such a complex procedure and therefore he or she should be in a position to refer you to an oral surgeon who will be able to handle the issue with experience and expertise. An oral surgeon will be in a better position to know whether or not to leave a piece of bone in the gum to help with the healing. The oral surgeon will also be in a better position to know when the piece of bone needs to be removed without adding unnecessary risks to your health.

Post-extraction recovery

It is essential for patients to follow the oral surgeon’s or dentist’s post-procedure recovery instructions. Besides wrong procedure, wrong handling of one’s oral health after surgery could render the procedure useless. One is advised to avoid smoking, strenuous activities such as chewing hard foods in order to give enough time and rest for the gums and jaws to heal. You will expect some swelling and little pain after the surgery but if it persists, be sure to rush to your dentist for a further check-up.

Early extraction of wisdom teeth under the dentist’s advice helps get rid of the worry about future crowding, pain and even dental emergencies triggered by wisdom teeth. Ultimately, the decision to have your wisdom teeth extracted wholly depends on you as an individual. However, you need an expert to help you arrive at the best decision on whether to undergo the procedure or not and if yes what type of procedure. Ideally, not all cases demand the extraction of the wisdom teeth. At times, removal of wisdom teeth may be unnecessary, putting your health at risk. Trust your dentist at Vita Dental Spring for the best oral health care consultation where expertise, professionalism, and quality are at best interests.