Can Dentist Remove Plaque – Dentist in Spring Texas

Can Dentist Remove Plaque – Dentist in Spring Texas

Are you fighting with plaque on your teeth? It is an ugly and embarrassing sight that can ruin your social life. It is also unhealthy – imagine all those germs and bacteria on your teeth. Fortunately, plaque is easily removable with a trip to the right dentist. Here is everything you need to know about what getting your plaque removed entails.

Firstly, What Exactly is Plaque?

Plaque is a grayish or brownish lining that grows on the teeth over time. It is formed by a collection of food debris and bacteria that build up over time. Food particles that stick on the teeth eventually make them sticky and lead to even more buildup. Sometimes a thorough brushing and flossing does the trick, but some cases require medical care.

What Causes Plaque?

What are your favorite meals? Do you like snacking a lot? Do you, like millions, forget to brush when going to sleep? All of these are the leading causes of plaque.

The leading cause of plaque is poor dental hygiene. The dentist recommends brushing twice every day. The reason for brushing is that it helps to wash off food particles that get stuck on your teeth every time you munch on something. Ignoring your hygiene requirements for several days will surely lead to plaque.

Your diet habits will also influence your likelihood to develop plaque. Foods come in all textures, and some are fatty and sticky. Others are course and will break into little particles that get stuck between your teeth. In other cases, some foods such as veggies and fruits will even help with your dental hygiene. As such, your diet habits will influence how prone you are to plaque. That said, all sorts of food will eventually cause plaque if you ignore dental hygiene.

How a Dentist Helps with Removing Plaque

Don’t worry, removing plaque is easy. It is also quick, and you will spend barely more than an hour in the dentist’s office. Even better, it is painless – it actually feels soothing towards the end.

Your dentist will begin with inspecting your teeth to determine just how bad the plaque is. This will help determine just how much cleaning and flossing is needed. Once this is done with, the dentist will pick an array of tools to be used for the process. These may include brushes, scalers, and dental floss as well as toothpaste and oral antiseptics.

The dentist will begin by brushing the teeth lightly to get the top layer of the plaque off. The dentist will use a firm brush and toothpaste. This will be followed by a thorough brushing using antiseptic as well as toothpaste. The dentist will endeavor to reach the bare enamel, brushing off all the plaque. He/she will go to the farthest molar and in between the teeth so as not to leave anything behind. That said, the process is very comfortable thanks to sophisticated tools.

The final process involves flossing in between the teeth just in case anything was left behind. This will be followed by a deep rinse to leave the mouth sparkling clean. Of course, the dentist will give you guidelines on how to take care not to develop plaque again.

When Plaque Gets Worse

Plaque may seem bad, but there is a worse version of it. It is called tartar. It is the hard, sticky substance that forms on your teeth when plaque is left to settle for far too long. Tartar is more difficult to remove, and it can lead to serious infections. As such, you should never ignore plaque as you will be looking at much bigger trouble. 

You Can Prevent It!

Plaque is a common condition in millions of Americans. However, it is possible to prevent it, and all it takes is adherence to the crucial childhood lesson of brushing twice daily. You should also floss once in a while and rinse your mouth whenever you feel food particles are sticking to your teeth. Finally, keep your trips to the dentist for comprehensive checkups and, if need be, some light cleaning.

Complications Associated with Plaque

Plaque may seem harmless – to most people, the worst it can do is giving them a bad look and bad breath. However, it is far more dangerous than that. It can lead to infection of the gums especially in people with sensitive gums. It can also lead to accelerated rotting of the teeth, which will consequently necessitate extraction.

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