Can Dentist Refill Pain Meds – Dentist in Spring Texas

Can Dentist Refill Pain Meds – Dentist in Spring Texas

Are you running out of your pain meds? Wondering whether your dentist will be inclined to give you a refill? You are right to wonder as the dentist’s decision whether or not to issue a refill will depend on certain factors.

A dentist can refill pain meds as the law allows it, but certain factors have to be taken into consideration beforehand.

Are You in Pain?

Pain meds are made to numb pain. That said, people have found abusive ways to use them, such as getting high. As such, the dentist has to be sure that you are in pain before issuing a refill.

Pain is difficult to diagnose in dentistry except in genuine and severe cases. Nevertheless, the dentist may run a simple test or ask you some questions to determine whether or not you are indeed in pain. There has to be a legitimate reason why you are in pain, so a brief checkup of your medical history may also be necessary.

Are You a Patient on Records?

State and federal laws allow dentists to issue prescriptions not only on pain medication but also other medications. However, there are certain limitations to this authority. One of these limitations is that the recipient of the prescription has to be a patient on record. The reason for this is that medical records may be required by another medical professional at a later date for proper diagnosis, and prescription details are important.

As such, you have to visit your personal dentist if you wish to get a refill on your pain meds. The dentist should have plenty of information about your medical needs, and if they are legit, then a refill will be issued without much fuss. If you are not already a patient, then you have to register as one, provide your medical history, and agree to some basic checkups before getting your refill. 

Are the Pills Opioids? Are there Alternatives?

America is a nation that is struggling with runaway drug abuse. This doesn’t necessarily imply abuse of hard drugs (although that is also an issue), but rather the abuse of prescription drugs and opioids. Some of these drugs are so potent that they will alter the brain to bring pleasure, relaxation, and even dreamy hallucinations in some cases.

These drugs are easy to obtain, and part of the blame lies with dentists and other medical professionals who are authorized to issue prescriptions. For this reason, the federal government is taking measures to curb illegal or careless actions on parts of medical professionals so as to help ease this problem. For instance, some states require dentists to undertake classes that will teach them more about opioids and why they are becoming more of an epidemic rather than a convenience.

As such, you should be a bit concerned if the pain meds you want refilled are opioids. Your dentist will likely be reluctant to issue a refill without thorough proof that you do indeed need them – in this case, there must be proof that you are suffering from intense pain. The dentist will also look for signs of addiction or abuse, and if any are noted, then you will most likely be out of luck.

However, pain cannot be ignored. Your dentist will consider alternative pain meds if opioids are considered unnecessary. There are many pain medications that are just as effective as opioids and come without addictive properties.

What if the Dentist Declines?

A dentist may decline to issue pain meds refills for a variety of reasons, as explained above. If this is the case, but you are genuinely in need of pain meds, then there are alternative channels that you can use. For starters, you can approach other medical professionals such as MDs and your family doctor – be informed, however, that they too will perform all the aforementioned scrutiny before issuing a refill. Alternatively, you can visit a pain specialist who will conduct a comprehensive checkup and issue meds accordingly.

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