What to do when Braces Fall Off?

When an orthodontist puts braces on your teeth, you may expect that they will stay in place even when the treatment ends. It is true most of the time. However, the braces will fall off occasionally. Orthodontists affix bracelets using glue.

Although it is a special kind of glue, it works like any other glue, and it does not work at times. At times, the glue could be adhering fine, but actions of the wearer could force the bond to come undone. One of the common causes is eating crunchy food. Trauma can also cause braces to fall off. So, what do you do when your braces fall off?

  1. Apply Wax

At times, your braces will only fall off partially and the brackets will start to irritate your gums or your inner cheeks. When this happens, you may not always be able to rush to the orthodontist.

It is especially so if your orthodontist does not work on the weekends or it is on a holiday. To deal with the irritation, you will require some dental wax. The wax is relatively inexpensive and can be bought without a prescription.

Before applying the wax, brush your teeth and dry the area you need to apply the wax. Drying the area makes it easier to apply the wax. Brushing is necessary to keep the risk of bacteria at bay. Apply as much wax as you deem necessary until the orthodontist is available to see you.

  1. Clip the wires

When braces fall off, it at times leaves wires sticking out in your mouth. Such a case will cause a lot of pain in the inner cheeks. Sometimes, the abrasions results from poking wires could lead to an infection. In extreme cases, it could cause blood poisoning.

When braces fall off, the first step you should take is to inspect any wires that are still in the mouth. If you see any of them poking out, press them back into place with a cotton swab. At times, it may be necessary to use a nail cutter to snip them off. It helps to reduce chances of injury.

You should then schedule an appointment to have them affixed again. You dentist could decide to schedule an appointment for a later date or do it on the same day. Additionally, you should use dental wax to cover the exposed wire ends to prevent injury.

  1. Take Preventative Measures

As you wait to see your dentist, there are measures you can take to avoid making the problem worse. If the doctor has to replace all the braces again, it could be quite expensive. If the doctor cannot see you right away, one measure is to avoid hard foods.

Eat soft foods like yogurts and fruits like bananas. Crunchy foods like cookies and peanuts should not be on your diet. Additionally, you should avoid bad habits like nail biting. When you schedule your appointment, the doctor will have an easy time fixing you up.

Adhere to any other preventative measures your orthodontist spells out. Tell them to kids if they have braces affixed.

  1. Call You Doctor

When your braces fall off, you should first make a call to the doctor’s office. Talk to a qualified professional who can give an opinion on braces. He or she will ask you a number of questions to determine how severe the problem is.

At times, one bracket falling off may be inconsequential to the final treatment. The professional will ask you about your eating habits and give you the right advice. Additionally, he or she will determine how soon your next appointment should be.

If you are a busy professional, it could help you avoid missing an important appointment because of an inconsequential bracket falling off. At times, your emergency appointment can be pushed to the next time you are supposed to see your doctor.

  1. Remove Them

Removing any remaining brackets and wires becomes necessary when everything is too loose. It is especially so if you have braces affixed to the back of the teeth. If not removed, you could accidentally swallow them.

The reason they may start falling off may be a drink you had that interferes with the bonding materials. Go to a mirror and check if the brackets appear to be sliding off your tooth. Gently tug at them and if they give in, remove them all.

The risk of swallow dental wire is unimaginable. You may even consider visiting the emergency ward if you are unable to remove them yet they are hanging by a single bracket or two in your mouth.

One thing to keep in mind is that braces rarely fall off. If you do everything that the doctor will advise, you may never experience this problem. If your child has braces, it is important to inspect them. He or she may not be fully cognizant of what is happening.