Why Braces Are Better Than Invisalign?

When it comes to the best treatment to straighten misaligned teeth, the argument is pretty much braces versus invisalign. Although there are other treatment options available, the two are not only the most dominant forces in the market but the most effective as well. The debate rages on however most of the time on which of the two is more effective.

The two are extremely effective options and although they operate on different mechanisms, the results are pretty much the same in the end. The differences come in when we start factoring in things like convenience, time of treatment, prices et al.

Today, we want to break down the facts and add some flesh into the contentious debate of Braces versus Invisible braces. We at Vita Dental are also opinionated just as many dentists and orthodontist out there are and the collective feeling here is that braces are better than invisalign. Take nothing away from invisalign, but we feel braces are far more superior.

What better way is there to settle the debate than provide the facts? To support our motion on this contentious issue, ewe have highlighted the differences of the two, highlighting the strongholds of each without any partisanship. So, what are the differences between Braces and invisalign? Here are 10 notable differences between the two which might perhaps help solve the debate;

  1. Materials

Braces are made from metals or ceramic depending on the choice you opt for. The metal brackets are glued to your teeth and tied together by small rubber bands. Invisible braces on the other hand, are made from BisphenolA (BPA) free transparent plastic material. Thanks to the material used to make the braces, they are more durable and cost lesser amounts than invisalign. This means that the first blood in this war goes to braces.

  1. Color

The colour of traditional braces depends on the patient’s preferences. The colour of the brackets and the wire used to connect the braces will determine the final appearance of the entire set. The patient has an option of choosing a colour close to the colour of the enamel in an effort to conceal the braces. Invisible braces on the other hand are clear and cannot be easily seen unless someone takes a very close look. The material is almost invisible and that’s where the name arises from. On matters color and convenience, invisalign suits those who prefer to remain under the radar while the color braces are fancy for those who want color and flair in their lives.

  1. Cost

Traditional braces are normally cheaper than invisible braces. The average price of braces ranges between $2,000 and $6,000 while the invisible braces go for anything between $5,000 all the way to $8,000. This all depends on whether you have insurance or not. This gives braces an easy lead in this debate. Considering how effective they are, that price is a bargain compared to invisalign.

  1. Follow up visits

When you have braces installed, you have to visit your dentist at-least once every month for follow up visits. The dentist will then check on the progress of the teeth and tighten the wires if need be. Invisible braces on the other hand require that the aligner trays are changed twice in a month. You should therefore make sure you visit your dentist at-least twice a month.

  1. Maintenance

Braces are quite complex to maintain. Cleaning them is a very complex task and very few people manage to do it. The fact that some braces are installed behind teeth makes it even harder to maintain them. You therefore need to regularly visit your dentist for cleaning and monitoring. The invisible braces on the other hand, don’t need much hassle for one to keep them in good shape. You only need to rinse them in clean lukewarm water and you are good to go.

  1. Convenience/Cleaning

You can’t remove braces whenever you want to eat or do something with your teeth. You can remove them if you want to brush your teeth. If need be, then you have to visit your dentist to have the braces removed. The invisible braces on the other hand can be removed at the user’s convenience. Whenever you want to do anything with your teeth, you just pluck them out and you are good to go. The fact that braces remain intact in your mouth all through, eliminates the possibility of misplacing them or contaminating them with germs. This is a plus in many ways.

  1. Effectiveness

Braces are normally very effective in complex issues like accidents, overcrowded teeth and completely misaligned teeth. The invisibles are normally better off with less complex dental issues like a set of teeth out of line. They can handle a multiple cases of malocclusions and this makes them a good option for many.

  1. Comfort

The other thing to consider are the comfort levels. Braces are normally more comfortable because all you get is pain and some sores in the first month of installation but otherwise they become part of you and you almost forget that they exist. Invisible braces on the other hand have a lot of discomfort. This is attributed to the tooth movement and the limited allowance that the invisible braces offer. Another win for the braces.

  1. Time to get the job done

The traditional braces take a shorter time to get the job done. This is because of the amount of tension that they apply to the teeth when they are growing. Braces can correct even the most awkward looking teeth in a little over a year. The invisibles on the other hand need a little more time to get the job done. The discipline of the owner also plays a vital role. There are some people who own invisibles but only wear them for an hour a day. Because the traditional braces are permanently glued to your teeth, the full effect helps correct situations more quickly.

  1. Verdict

There you have the debate settled. Braces are a far better option than invisibles. They come in handy for many problems and come at a better price.

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