Best Reasons to Visit Your Dentist

Best Reasons to Visit Your Dentist

Visiting the dentist is perhaps, not a walk in the park, but it is essential. Sometimes, it is easy to disregard an appointment with your dentist, especially when you have no obvious signs of dental issues. However, if you have a check-up every six months, then it is for a reason, especially because prevention is always better than cure. We at Vita Dental Spring value our patients, and we encourage you to show up for appointments. However, visiting the dentist may also be necessary without an appointment. Here are some of the best reasons to visit your dentist. 

Preventing Tooth Decay

A dentist can easily detect tooth decay, caused by the consumption of sugary foods or as plaque slowly builds up around the teeth. The condition of tooth decay worsens every month, and it is advisable to stay ahead of the problem by making an appointment every six months, or at least once a year. Once the outer layer of your teeth begins to erode, you need to see the dentist. Progressive cavities cause pain, increase tooth sensitivity, and cause deep dental cavities that require more expensive fillings. Cavities may also lead to gum irritation, and if left untreated can cause tooth loss.

Preventing Plaque

Plaque is a sticky deposit, that clings to your teeth and gum line, and houses harmful bacteria. The buildup of plaque on teeth causes tartar which causes teeth discoloration. Plaque buildup is often caused by improper brushing, irregular brushing, and not flossing. However, making an appointment with your dentist at Vita Dental Spring   will ensure that plaque is cleaned up before it can cause further damage.

Control Gum Disease

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, half of the adults aged 30 and above suffer from some form of gum disease. It is unfortunate that the majority of the population have some form of gum disease, and because it is painless, it is easy to ignore. As gum disease progresses, it becomes more painful and uncomfortable, and in advanced cases, it can cause tooth loss. By visiting your dentist, you can ensure that any signs of gums disease are treated early. The dentist can also advise you on proper oral hygiene techniques to prevent gum disease.

Save Costs in The Future

Identification of oral problems early could save you more money in the future. For example, plaque buildup that causes tooth decay can be eliminated before filling, or tooth extraction is required. Tooth replacement is also costly and it is, therefore, advisable to take care of your teeth. Making an appointment with Vita Dental Spring  today means that you will not be faced with a future unexpected bill.

To Treat Pain

If you are having pain in your gum, teeth or even jawbone, you should visit your dentist. Pain in the gums is an indication of gum disease, while pain in your teeth is a sign of cavities. Pain in the jawbone could be a symptom of a serious condition that may require the attention of a specialist. Even if your general dentist may not treat advanced oral problems such as jaw misalignment, he/she can recommend you to a specialist.

To Make Sure Everything Is in Shape

If you have had work done, such as a filling, or an ongoing root canal, dentures, braces, or implants, regular checkups are important. The dentist will ensure that all your oral fixes are in place, to avoid costly replacements later on. The dentist will also advise you on taking care of dental works such as braces, that make regular brushing, flossing and eating more complicated.

If You Have Ongoing Medical Issues

It is important to make your dentist part of your medical team because he/she is a doctor after all. This is especially important for people suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, eating disorder, or are HIV positive. If you are also undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation or hormone replacement therapy, involve your dentist for the best oral treatment approaches. 

If You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy comes with its fair share of complications, and one of these problems may be teeth deterioration. This commonly occurs if you are expectant and do not consume enough nutrients for yourself and the baby. Also, if your visits to the hospital affect your dental checkups, visit the dentist to make new appointments. Maintaining oral health during pregnancy is important, especially because you need your teeth to eat for two.

To Improve Your Smile

A bright smile will make you confident, especially when you interact with other people. Eventually, removing plaque, cavities, and keeping your dental work in check will ensure that your smile is white, bright and beautiful. When all your teeth are healthy and in place, then you can comfortably carry on with your life until the next appointment with your dentist.

Keeping your teeth in shape is easy to achieve by making regular appointments with your dentist. To ensure that your oral health is maintained, book an appointment with Vita Dental Spring , or visit us at our offices for more information.