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As if the numerous visits to the ob-gyn are not stressful enough, pregnant women are required to visit their dentists the entire time they are pregnant. Whereas visiting the ob-gyn is regarded as a necessity, visits to the dentists are treated less so and this is worrying considering the ramifications of omitting the visits to the dentist.

So, why is it important for pregnant women to regularly visit a dentist? Who is the best dentist in spring tx to go to when you are pregnant? What are some of the dental issues that women face when pregnant? What are some of the questions that pregnant women should ask their dentists? Here is a look at dental care when pregnant and why the visits to the dentist are very important;

Dental problems during pregnancy

A lot of changes happen in the human body during pregnancy. A lot of these changes take a toll on the dental wellbeing of the mother and if the mother doesn’t get proper dental healthcare, then a myriad of problems will accompany the birth of the new baby.

As the mother’s body progresses during pregnancy, there is a spike in hormone levels which makes the body more sensitive to any bacterial infection. Even the slightest of plaque in the body therefore causes an eruption of complications typified by puffy and inflamed gums.


Left untreated, this mild infections can develop to more chronic forms such as gingivitis. Gingivitis is far more serious and causes symptoms such as redness of gums, swelling of the same gums and a bad breath.


The other dental problem that is associated with pregnancy is cavities. With the severe food cravings and intake of snacks, comes the risk of dental decay and cavities. The foods pregnant women crave for often have high acidity levels and this can lead to dental decay and cavities.

Enamel erosion

Thanks to the vomiting caused by morning sickness, the enamel begins to get eroded. Vomit is usually very acidic and over time, it scours the surface of the teeth and causes erosion of the enamel which offers protection to the tooth.

Best dentist to go to when pregnant

When looking for the best dentist to go to when you are pregnant, you should ensure that you visit a dentist with experience handling issues that arise during pregnancy. Ideally, you should therefore be looking at a dentist with experience handling issues such as gingivitis, cavities and issues affecting gums.

Your pregnancy period is not the best time to try and get braces or any other form of orthodontic treatment. At this stage, your gums are susceptible to infection and this is therefore not the best time to seek treatment options which might be invasive to the gums.

The best dentist should therefore be a general dentist with the ability to handle a pregnant woman and offer insightful tips on how to keep your dental hygiene good during the pregnancy period. The dentists needs to be understanding because we all know how hard it can be to handle pregnant women at times- the mood swings et al.

Once you have found a good dentist, always ensure to ask about the right type of foods to eat and how to deal with your cravings. Understanding the impact of the cravings to your teeth will help you limit their intake to ensure that your dental health is in top condition.

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Tips on how to maintain your dental hygiene when pregnant

Avoid sugary foods

However bad your cravings might be, try as much as possible to avoid sugary foods. Sugary and acidic foods are the leading causes of dental cavities and if ingested in large volumes, they will result in dental decay.

Brush and floss after every meal

The last thing you want after you have delivered your baby, is endless visits to the dentist’s office. If you don’t want this to happen, you should take care of your teeth during pregnancy. Brush your teeth on a regular basis and floss after every single meal. This way, chances of plaque building up in your teeth will be very low and you won’t have to visit the dentist every now and then.

Visit your dentist on a regular basis

Never miss an appointment with your dentist. Missing your dentist appointment during this period can mean the difference between spending enough time with your baby once delivered and spending hours in your dentist’s office.

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