Average Cost of Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are widespread in dental offices and hospitals today but this is totally understandable. I mean how can people not love procedures that help the save the tooth without necessarily having it uprooted? Who doesn’t want to have a procedure that relieves pain and increases comfort when chewing and drinking hot and cold drinks? Thanks to their efficiency and painless nature, root canals have grown in popularity and have replaced outdated procedures such as teeth extraction. Although they are highly effective and painless, there are people who are unsure about getting root canals because they deem them to be expensive. Thanks to blogs and uninformed journals, people have been made to believe that root canals are expensive and can only be afforded by very few. This is however not true as we found out talking to Dr. Pil Yu, DDS from Vita Dental Houston.

The cost of root canals

 According to Dr. Sang, DDS, the cost of a root canal depends on a number of things. Here are some of the most common factors that affect the overall cost of root canals;

  1. Type of teeth affected

Depending on the type of tooth affected, the cost of getting a root canal can range from $800 all the way to more than $2000. Molars are significantly more expensive than the other teeth because they are harder to operate on. Since the other from teeth have one canal, they are easier to operate on while molars have three which means that there is extra work required. Here is an approximation of what the three types of teeth are likely to cost when a root canal is required;

Front teeth; they are the cheapest and will range anywhere from $300 all the way to $ 1,000. As earlier on mentioned, they only have one root and operating on them takes a few minutes. Since they are placed at the front, accessing them will be relatively easy as well.

Bicuspids- they have two canals and this makes it a little difficult to operate on them and remove the pulp. The fact that they are located a little further into the mouth as well makes it a little difficult to access them and perform the required procedures. This means that the amount of money required to get a root canal on a premolar will be higher than that required for a tooth in front. A root canal on a premolar will cost anything from $800 all the way to $1,800.

Molars; they are the most difficult to perform the procedure to and require more material to fill up the cavity left behind when the pulp is extracted. Their location is also an issue and accessing them takes time and effort. This makes them the most expensive. Ironically, these are the teeth that are mostly affected by dental decay and require root canals the most. For a successful molar root canal, you will have to spend anything from $1,000 to $2,000. Sometimes this can escalate all the way to $2,500 depending on how difficult the procedure was.


The other factor that will affect the amount of money which you will be required to pay for a root canal is the availability of insurance or lack thereof. People with medical insurance are likely to pay half as much as those who don’t have insurance when getting root canals. This however depends on whether the policies of the insurance cover for orthodontic treatment. More than half of all the available insurances in America cover orthodontic procedures and this means that people with dental insurances are on the safe side and are likely to receive the services from hospitals at an affordable rate. Before looking to get a root canal therefore, it is wise to be subscribed to an insurance cover. It will reduce the amount of money that you will have to pay for the service.

The hospital in which you get the root canal

As expected the costs vary from one dental office to another. Some people offer dental root canals at a very high cost while others offer the same services at a lower rate. The metrics used to provide the right cost of dental root canals are not quite known but most people cite the use of technology and advanced techniques in their service delivery. You should therefore be careful about the place where you get the root canals because some dentists exaggerate the costs.

Here at Vita Dental, we are mindful of our customers and offer affordable dental services to all our customers including the dental canals. If you are in Houston therefore and are looking for the best place to get a root canal, then look no further than our way. Visit our offices or give us a call today to get high quality root canals at an affordable rate.