What is the Appropriate Time To Remove Braces?

A common question that our orthodontists and dentists here at Vita Dental keep getting from our clients with braces is “Are my braces ready to come off?” So common is the question that we have listed it as a frequently asked question on our blog to help our patients understand the timing and dynamics that go into judging the readiness of braces being removed. In this article we want to answer this question and explain to you when it is braces are ready to be removed from the mouth.

We all know that braces are very important if you are suffering from any form of malocclusion. They really go a long way in ensuring that you have a straight teeth void of unpleasant gaps. Braces help improve your bite and improve your oral health in general. They are however not the most comfortable accessories to walk around wearing. They can be a little uncomfortable and patients sometimes get impatient and want them removed as soon as possible-most of the time, they want them removed before they comprehensively finish off their designated job. So, how do I know when my braces are ready to be removed?

Depending on the severity of malocclusion or dental problem that you are suffering from, orthodontic treatment through braces can take anything from 6 months to 30 months. Yes, there are cases when braces can correct a situation in a little under a year while in some cases you will need to bear with the braces in your mouth for close to three years. There essentially are three phases of orthodontic treatment common in most dental facilities in America; Phase 1 treatment, Phase 2 treatment and then the comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment.

  1. Phase 1 orthodontic treatment

Also referred to as the preventive treatment, it is administered to young children and some adults with mild cases of malocclusion. Cases like crossbite, under bite, overbite, protrusion and spacing problems. Because the problems are normally mild and most of the patients in this category of treatment are kids, the treatment takes anything between 9-12 months.

  1. Phase 2 treatment

Phase 2 treatment is a complements Phase 1 treatment in many ways. If the child was subjected to phase 1 braces before he/she could develop all of the teeth, then Phase 2 presents the perfect opportunity for the orthodontist to attach braces to all the developed teeth and align them correctly. It is done only when all teeth are permanent. It also take anything from 10 months to 15 months before the braces can be removed.

  1. Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment

This is the most common and longest phase of treatment. It is performed on children and adults with all their permanent teeth and are suffering from mild to severe cases of malocclusions. They take anything between 18-30 months.

Sometimes the time quoted might not be enough for the braces to take full effect. You should therefore keep wearing them for a longer period. Dental Braces should only be ready to be removed when the following conditions are met at the end of your treatment;

  1. Straight even teeth

When teeth are evenly aligned and are straight enough. This can be determined by looking into the mirror and getting approval from your orthodontist.

  1. Appropriate Overlapping

At the end of your treatment, the upper front teeth and the lower front teeth should be appropriately overlapping. The overlap should not be too deep nor should it leave any visible gaps between the front upper and front lower teeth. If the teeth don’t overlap properly, then it means that you will suffer from under bites and overbites which are not particularly good for your jaws.

  1. No spaces between your teeth

At the end of the treatment period, there should be no spacing between the teeth. The gaps should be completely closed before the braces can be removed. Actually this is one of the last things considered by most dentists because it will most likely take longer than straightening teeth. You therefore need to be a little patient.

  1. Corresponding outer cusps

The other indication of a successful orthodontic treatment, is the corresponding of outer cusps of the upper teeth with those of the lower teeth. At this point, you will have better jaw balance and your biting or chewing will not cause any imbalance in either of the jaws.

These are some of the things you need to look at before you can finally start vexing your orthodontist to get rid of the braces. If you rush to get the braces out before the appropriate time, you risk compromising the entire treatment and going back to ground zero. You need to heed to the advice of your dentist and only let him remove the braces when he feels appropriate. Unless you have suffered from a certain complication that force you to get rid of the braces, you need to wait until it is the right time to get rid of braces.

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