All About Saliva: General Dentistry in Spring Texas

All About Saliva: General Dentistry in Spring Texas

Saliva might not be a polite topic but spit is important. The digestive juices in saliva are the first step in the breaking down of food. Saliva also has many other functions that we at Vita Dental Spring  would like you to know. Thus, if you are not producing enough saliva, that should be enough for you to call us. Here are the interesting facts about saliva we believe you need to know.

It Plays an Important Role in Oral Health and Your Immunity

Saliva is one of the key ingredients in good oral health and better immunity. According to a recent study, it was found that over 90% of adults experience tooth decay or gum disease. It was also found that about 65% of kids would experience gum disease. However, saliva can help to keep some of the infections at bay since it contains antibacterial effects.

Saliva Can Re-Mineralize Teeth

Just as moisturizers helps to restore the skin, saliva mineralizes teeth. As it washes through the teeth, it adds nutrients not just to the teeth but also to the oral mucosa. However, for this process to be effective there must be enough nutrients in your food, which the saliva can use to re-mineralize teeth.

It Prevents Tooth Decay

Where there is a huge production of saliva, it helps to prevent tooth decay. The tooth decay occurs because there is leaching of the minerals in the enamel. The saliva helps to dilute and also get rid of plaque acids that leach the mineral from the enamel. This results in stronger enamel, which is less prone to tooth decay.

Saliva Helps to Balance the Ph Of Your Oral Cavity

The oral ecology is important and has to be kept in balance at all times. If your mouth is too acidic or too basic, the ecology will be destroyed, causing bacteria of the bad kind to thrive. Thus, you need to fuel your saliva with the right nutrients if you want to ensure that you have a good oral ecology.

Saliva Gets Rid of Bad Bacteria

There is an established relationship between the drop in saliva production and the growth of gum disease. However, this shift is often visible when people age. The saliva is a natural substance that ensures your mouth has a great immunity.

It contains substances such as lactoferrin, which prevent bad bacteria from thriving. Besides that, it contains natural enzymes, which are essential to a stable ecology in your mouth. One of the enzymes is lysozyme, which destabilizes the bacterial walls, which cause gum disease.

The Quality of Saliva Can Change

The secret to good saliva is the nutrition and the amount of water that you take. Besides that, medication may affect the quality of your saliva, which could cause bad breath. Having the right kind of saliva is important in the prevention of gum disease. However, it also ensures that the digestive system works in the right manner.

Saliva Is Made Of 9% Water

The saliva is made up of 99% water. The other one percent is a complex mix of minerals, vitamins, hormones, and other compounds. Thus, the amount of water you consume will directly affect how much saliva you can produce.

Hundreds of Glands in The Mouth Produce Saliva

Saliva is not produced by a few glands but by hundreds of them. Each day, they produce about a quart of saliva per day. You produce enough saliva in a year to fill a pair of medium sized bathtubs in a year. However, saliva production varies from person to person, the time of day, and the circumstance. Typically, you produce less saliva as you age, when asleep and when you are dehydrated.

Saliva Contains Natural Ball Bearings

The saliva contains mucins, which are protein molecules that act like microscopic ball bearings. They play an important role in lubricating your mouth. As a result, you are able to chew, swallow, and speak. They also stick to the teeth and shield them from acids and bacteria that cause cavities.

Saliva Helps Speed Up the Healing Process

Another fact that we at Vita Dental Spring find interesting is that saliva has antibodies, which fight germs, promote the growth of new cells, and help to clot blood. This is the reason wounds in your mouth heal and stops bleeding faster than wounds in other parts.

Saliva Can Be Used to Diagnose Various Things in Your Body

Saliva is often used to monitor for various things such as alcohol intake, drug abuse, and smoking. The saliva is often used to diagnose various diseases. For instance, the FDA has an approved test, which relies on saliva to test for certain antibodies, which could be used to detect the presence of HIV or hepatitis C. In future, it is expected that saliva will replace most of the current blood tests. If you are experiencing low saliva production, please ensure you contact Vita Dental Spring  We can help to find out the cause.