5 Dental Restoration Solutions to Repair a Broken Crown in Spring Texas

5 Dental Restoration Solutions to Repair a Broken Crown in Spring Texas

The crown surrounds your teeth and forms a cap above your gum line. It restores your tooth to a normal appearance so that it looks like a natural tooth. Your dentist might use a crown if your tooth is cracked or broken. The crown holds the tooth together preventing further damage. Crowns are also used to attach a bridge, cover discolored teeth, and after a dental implant.

A crown can last a lifetime but in some cases, it can get broken or chipped. If you are in this situation, the decision to repair it will depend on the damage and the type of the crown you have. The four major types of crown include

Metal Crowns

These crowns are made from alloys such as nickel, gold, chromium, and palladium. These are very strong and can withstand grinding and biting. However, they are usually used on molars, as they cannot be color matched to the teeth.

Resin dental crowns

These are more affordable compared to metal crowns. However, they are not as durable. They have the tendency to fracture and thus might not last long.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns

These have a metal base but are fused with porcelain that is more natural looking. However, porcelain will still chip.  Dentists prefer them as they can be used on the front teeth and on bridges to look like natural teeth.

All-porcelain and all-ceramic crowns

If you have a metal allergy, your dentist might propose this kind of a crown. They are easy to color match to your tooth but will most likely wear down the opposing teeth faster compared to the metal crowns

Reasons why the crown will break

A crown can break due to:

A fall

A blow to your face

Normal wear and tear

Grinding your teeth

Biting on something hard

How is a broken crown fixed?

There are different methods that your dentist might use to fix your chipped crown. Here are five of them.

Dental bonding

This is a method that repairs chipped or cracked teeth but it can also be used on your crown if your crack is not too big. Composite bonding is long lasting and can last as long as 10 years. You won’t need anesthesia during the procedure. Your crown will be roughened and a conditioning liquid will be used. The dentist will then apply a putty, mold, and smoothen it. An ultraviolet light will be used to harden this composite. Once the bonding is dry, your dentist will polish and smoothen it such like it looks like the rest of your tooth.


These are covers that cover your tooth if it’s broken or discolored. Porcelain veneers are commonly used as they are attractive and do not stain. The veneer will be bonded to the front of the broken crown. A veneer can last up to 30 years and it will transform your crowns appearance. Veneers can be placed on multiple teeth and you can choose the colour you want. However, you have to make sure you do not grind your teeth because this will wear down your veneers.

Your dentist will remove some parts of your crown to create space for the veneer. He will then take an impression so that the veneer can be made according to your teeth size, shade, and shape. They are made in the lab so you might have to wear temporary veneers for some time. During your last appointment, the temporary veneer will be removed and the dentist will bond new veneers to the front of the crown.

Another crown

If your crown is badly damaged you will need a new crown. A new crown will improve your tooth appearance. It will also be a strong covering for your tooth. It also prevents further damage to your implant as a damaged crown can’t withstand the pressure of chewing. The cracked crown will be removed and your dentist will prepare a new crown that will be cemented in place.

Reshaping the crown

When a minor crack has occurred your crown might just need some minor smoothening and reshaping. Your dentist will use a dental drill to smoothen the surface of the crown and give it an ideal shape.

Root canal

Sometimes implants fail and your crown crack might have extended to the pulp. The implant will need to be removed and a root canal used to treat the problem. After the root canal is placed, a temporary crown will be used to protect the crack from spreading.

For the root canal to be placed the nerve will have to be removed. If the extended crack is left untreated what follows is the spreading of the infection which will lead to an abscess, pain, and bone loss. The entire process of getting a root canal will take more than one dental appointment. Although this procedure has a reputation for being painful when done by the right dentist you are supposed to experience some discomfort and minimal pain.

If you have a broken or chipped crown visit us at Vita Dental, we will repair your crown and ensure you have a confident smile and that you are able to enjoy biting your food again. Our professional dentists will give you the best care and the right advice to take care of your new crown.