15 Things Your Dentist Knows About You Just By Looking In Your Mouth

Many of may be surprised at how our mouth is a great indication to dentist about us and our overall health.  Professional and Experienced Dentist can tell a lot about us just by looking in our mouths.  Below are 15 things of those things that we should be mindful of.

  1. You have a vitamin deficiency – this is apparent  due to a variety of different oral problems to include a wide variety of areas, such as infections, slow healing wounds, gums that bleed easily,  
  2. You don’t floss regularly – many people only floss right before making a trip to the dentist.  This is obvious to dentist because  of the bleeding, sliced or damaged gums that takes place after occasional flossing.  Those who floss on a regular basis have healthier gums that are typically pink and firm.
  3. You have clinical bad breath – which is an indicator to dentist that that you may have other more serious health issues.
  4. You are a diabetic– patients whose breath smells fruity is usually an indicator that the patient is diabetic
  5. You have liver or kidney failure – patients whose breath has a fishy smell usually has challenges with liver or kidney failure.
  6. You’re on a fast – patients whose breath smells fruity is an indicator that they are on or have recently been on a fast.   of unregulated diabetes
  7. You sucked your thumb as a child – children who sucked their thumbs after the age of eight normally has an altered bite and position of their teeth.
  8. Poor dental hygiene – people with poor dental hygiene have plaque build up, cavities and gum disease.
  9. You bite your nails – Best dentists can tell that you bite your nails because doing so can causes a certain type of damage to your teeth.   The type of damage that this causes usually results in flattened ends on their front teeth in the area where the top and bottom teeth have been hitting each other.  It’s not the nail biting itself that causes the damage but it’s the colliding of the teeth that causes the damage.
  10. You have a sinus infection – Some patients confuse pressure from their gums with the need for a root canal, however, this pressure typically stems from sinus infections.
  11. Oral Cancer – Oral cancer can be triggered from a variety of different areas.  Some key indicators include excessive bleeding, speckled patches, that may also appear red or white as well.  Dentist also notice swelling in the gums, eroded gum lines or bumps on the gums. This is a very serious issue that should be addressed immediately.
  12. You’re a smoker – dentist specialist can look at your teeth and notice an excessive brownish color which is usually darker near the gum lines.
  13. You have a drinking problem – since alcohol makes the mouth dry its becomes more prone to cavities.  Another thing that dentist notice is that dry mouths does not have saliva that neutralizes the acids that cause damage to the mouth.
  14. You Drink a lot of Sodas – patients who drink a lot of sodas may experience a weakened tooth enamel which leads to the teeth being chipped more frequently than normal.
  15. There’s  a chance that you have an eating disorder – this is detected by dentist in patients who are bulimia.  They produce an unusually distinct pattern of the tooth caused by erosion.

It’s important to keep your mouth and your overall body healthy with regular check-ups. Visit today at your best dentist care near you.