10 Tips to Help your Kids Practice Good Dental Hygiene

10 Tips to Help your Kids Practice Good Dental Hygiene

Many people admire having white pearly teeth and a very bright smile. Well, the journey to achieving that should begin when one is a kid. That is why it is important to help your kids maintain high standards of dental hygiene. Kids cannot learn these practices by themselves and it is up to the parents and adults to ensure that their kids develop these good habits from an early age. Here are some tips by Vita Dental to help your kids practice good dental hygiene.

Live by what you preach

Kids trust their parent and they will always tend to copy what their parents do. They only see sense in something if they see their parents doing the same. Therefore, if you want your kid to develop good dental hygiene practices, you should be upholding them yourself too. You cannot teach your kid the importance of brushing and flossing daily while yourself you have a stinking mouth. Always lead by example first.

Get your kid to see the dentist starting from an early age

Dental checkups play an important role in ensuring that one has healthy teeth. Just like in adults, it is important to have your kid visit a dentist at least once every year. Their first dental appointment should be 6 months after their first teeth emerge. To make them not be afraid of dental visits, ensure that you find a dentist who is friendly and easy to trust.

Make brushing a fun experience that they can always look forward to

One of the most effective ways to get your kids to learn the importance of brushing their teeth is by making the experience of brushing their teeth a fun one. There are a lot of ways to achieve this. One way is by singing your kid’s favorite song while they brush. You can, also, come up with a fun game to play with your kid while they brush their teeth. The mere fact that brushing will be something fun that they enjoy will make them look forward to that moment every day.

Educate your kid on the importance of cleaning their teeth

It is important to, also, have your kid know what is the importance of the brushing and the flossing. Now, a lecture will not do it for kids. So you can give them the lesson in a way they can relate to and understand. One of the ways is by telling stories whose lessons are the importance of dental hygiene. Alternatively, you can get online resources like video clips that teach the importance of brushing to kids.

Buy a toothpaste and a toothbrush that your kid will love

Another way to help your kid practice good dental hygiene is by getting them things they will love for their brushing. You can get them a toothbrush with a handle that has their favorite cartoon or animal character and possibly a toothpaste that tastes better. These stuff will get them excited to brush their teeth.

Know the kind of foods to give your kid

It is very important to always monitor what your kids are eating. Consuming a healthy diet is part of good dental hygiene practices. Therefore, be keen to monitor what your kid is consuming and constantly teach them of the importance of not consuming a lot of sugary stuff like cookies and candies. If you have to offer them the sugary stuff, that should come as a dessert and not the main meal or snack.

Supervise your kids but let them take control

As the kid learn the importance of brushing and flossing daily, you should let them take control when it is time to clean their teeth. Your task should be to ensure that they do the cleaning effectively. Giving them control is a way of ensuring that they learn and with time, they will be able to clean their teeth without you being present.

Always reward your kid whenever they successfully brush their teeth

Rewards don’t necessarily mean big things. It can be anything from promising them an extra story during bedtime to a trip to the fun park over the weekend. These are just example but the idea is to offer them small rewards to commend them and encourage them to keep brushing.

Have your kid consume a healthy breakfast every day

Getting your kid to consume a healthy breakfast is a good strategy that will help keep them off sweet things like sweets later on in the day. In addition to the breakfast, have them carry a healthy snack and a fruit to consume at break time.

Encourage your kid to brush while at school

Brushing is important after every meal. Encouraging your kid to brush at school after snacking or after having their meal is a great way of teaching them to maintain good dental hygiene. You can include a toothbrush in their backpack as they go to school.