10 Tips for Tooth Decay

10 Tips for Tooth Decay

Dental cavities are one of the most common issues that dentists at Vita Dental Spring deal with on a daily basis. However, tooth decay is preventable with ease. That is why we would like to offer you some useful tips on prevention. However, at the first sign of tooth decay, we would recommend that you visit us if you hope to save your tooth and avoid complications.

Brush Your Teeth Often

As obvious as this may seem, it is the leading cause of tooth decay. Some people refuse or forget to brush teeth regularly. It is especially important to remind kids to brush teeth often. As an adult, ensure that you use a toothbrush with soft bristles to keep from chipping away at teeth.

Ensure that you pick a versatile toothbrush that reaches all the hard to reach areas; and that you are brushing twice daily. In some cases, you might have to clean your teeth right after lunch, especially if you have had issues of tooth decay in the past. Make sure that you rinse the toothbrush and store it carefully after brushing.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

There are many brands of toothpaste on the market; each one has some unique benefits for its customers. However, no matter what it says on the cover, always check for fluoride. If it does not have any fluoride, it will not help to fight tooth decay.

All dentists agree that fluoride is the most effective way to fight cavity. No matter how cheap toothpaste might be, if it has fluoride, it works. If you have weak teeth, we at Vita Dental Spring will recommend high-fluoride toothpaste to help deal with your situation. For kids, they should only use fluoride toothpaste once they can spit it out of the mouth. Avoid buying candy-flavored toothpaste if possible, as this encourages them to swallow the toothpaste. 

Floss Daily And Use Mouthwash

A toothbrush can be active at getting rid of most plaque but not all. Even the best toothbrush will not reach to some of the crevices in your mouth. That is where floss and mouthwash come in. They help to get to those tight spots.

Visit The Dentist Often

A dental checkup is another tip that may seem obvious, but many people do not practice it. We at Vita Dental Spring have seen people postpone an appointment until the pain becomes unbearable. Most people will only visit the dentist when they are in pain. However, lack of pain does not mean you are okay.

Tooth decay often takes times to get to that point. Dental decays caught earlier are treatable with no complicated issues. Besides that, the dentist can offer a cleaning, which can help to prevent cavities. In most cases, dentists recommend dental cleanings twice a year.

Ask About Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a plastic coating placed on the chewing surface of the back teeth to help avoid tooth decay. It is an excellent solution if you have had incidents of tooth decay in the past. Because of the complex chewing surface, this makes the teeth prone to tooth decay. When you use sealants, it makes it easier to brush teeth. Good sealants can last a decade if you take good care of them.


It may seem simple, but water is one of the best ways to care for your teeth. If you often turn to juices to hydrate, you might want to change that. Pure water with no additives is the best gift you can give your teeth. Besides that, tap water often contains some natural minerals, which help to strengthen the teeth. As a result, this can keep you safe from cavities.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum

When you chew sugar-free gum, it stimulates saliva production and this help to neutralize and wash away bacteria. As a result, it keeps you safe from cavities and improves your breath.

Pick The Right Foods

It is a fact that some foods can be beneficial for teeth. For instance, cheese, fresh fruit, and unsweetened can do wonders for the teeth. They all have unique properties that help to avoid tooth decay.

Cut Down Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is terrible for your teeth and body. Cutting out sugar from your life would not have any adverse effect on your body. Candy, soda, alcohol, and processed foods all contain sugar. Try to limit the amount of refined sugar in your diet.

Stop Smoking

Everyone agrees smoking is not suitable for your health. However, you might not know that it increases the risk of tooth decay. If you continue smoking, there is a good chance your teeth will rot and fall off. Besides that, it could leave you with severe dental issues far beyond cavities. For instance, your teeth will become stained with tobacco smoke. Besides that, smoking restricts blood flow to the gums, which can cause gum disease.