10 Things Women Need to Know about Dental Health

10 Things Women Need to Know about Dental Health

There are certain unique aspects of dental health among women. Some of these aspects do not affect men but matter a lot to a woman’s dental health. What are these things, and why is it important to know about them?

Here is a review of ten important things that women should know about their dental health. They are facts proven by science and recommended by Vita Dental Spring.

Overall Health Depends Significantly on Oral Health

The body’s organs are robust and interconnected in many ways. The mouth, in particular, is connected to other organs around the body, giving a reason as to why oral health determines overall body health. As one dentist puts it, “it is simply impossible to be healthy with an unhealthy mouth.”

So, how does an unhealthy mouth compromise your overall health? One example is the fact that gum disease increases chances of suffering from heart disease by up to four times.

The Tongue Counts Too

Most people overlook the tongue when it comes to dental health. However, it is a vital organ capable of giving you insight into your overall health.  There are tell-tale signs on the tongue about the body’s overall health. For instance, a red tip is often indicative of a heart problem or a problem with thyroids. A grayish appearance, on the other hand, is a sign of improper digestion and nutrient intake.

Oral Cancer is on the Rise

Oral cancer is considered one of the most dangerous types of cancer. Unfortunately, it is becoming more common in the U.S. both among men and women.  It is recommendable to get screened for oral cancer when getting your regular dental checkups. You should also avoid diets and habits that can put you at risk of developing this deadly disease – smoking, for instance, is one of the leading causes of oral cancer.

Pregnancy May Compromise Oral Health

Pregnancy has been proven to compromise oral health. The hormones produced during pregnancy can have adverse effects such as swollen gums and even lead to conditions such as gingivitis. Additionally, oral conditions such as gum periodontal disease may lead to preterm births and other complications.

As such, it is advisable to consult your dentist when you get pregnant to ensure that nothing goes wrong. 

Nutrition Matters

It is the things that go through your mouth that determine your oral health. Poor nutrition leads to the rising cases of oral conditions such as cavities. Nowadays, most of the favorite sugary processed foods, are not suitable for the teeth as well for your overall health.

Certain foods, however, can help you build healthy teeth. Foods rich in calcium and vitamins are particularly suitable for your teeth and overall health.

Brushing is More Complex than it Appears

Food particles, plaque, and other things that get stuck on your teeth are quite tricky to come off. Dentists recommend brushing after every meal. However, what most people do not know is that it should take more than a minute to clean teeth.

Brushing is a delicate procedure usually done with a lot of care. You should take enough time to reach every inch of your mouth and brush off the plaque properly. 

Brushing, Alone, Is Not Enough

It takes more than regular brushing to keep your teeth clean. Complement brushing with other oral hygiene measures to ensure thorough elimination of all threats.

It is particularly advisable to floss regularly – this way you can get in between cracks that are inaccessible to your toothbrush. It is also desirable to use natural remedies such as sesame oil to get rid of oral bacteria.

Dental Appointments are Important

It is easy to brush off an appointment with your dentist especially if it is just a checkup. However, dental appointments are scheduled with a purpose – to monitor your oral health. Identifying diseases while they are still in their early stages would enable you to treat them effectively. As such, it is important to honor all your appointments and keep time. You should also consult your dentist freely whenever anything comes up.

Take Off Your Lipstick Next Time You Visit

Many dentists will confess to having trouble with patients who wear lipstick. Although attractive, lipstick is inconvenient for dentists as it gets all over the patient’s teeth, thus getting in the way of the dentist’s work. Unfortunately, some patients refuse to take off their lipstick when visiting the dentist’s office.

It is recommendable to take off your lipstick before checking in – you can always put it back on once the session ends.

A Healthy Mouth Inspires Confidence

White pearly teeth, in neat rows, are a real characteristic of the ‘perfect smile.’ Achieving a beautiful smile isn’t easy without good health. What’s more, a terrible smile is a confidence killer especially in social gatherings and at work. As such, maintain a healthy mouth to boost your confidence and uplift your everyday life.


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