10 Things Children Need to Know about Dental Health

10 Things Children Need to Know about Dental Health

Children’s mouths are sensitive when compared to adults’. They are more prone to dental conditions such as cavities and gingivitis. There are also concerns about how to approach the dental hygiene issues. As such, parents should take exceptional care of their kids’ dental health.

So, what are the highlights of dental health in kids? Here are ten tips from Vita Dental Spring, experts in children’s dental health.

Dental Care Should Start Early

Do not wait until your child starts teething to start administering dental care. Remember, gums also are prone to infections especially among children. Breast milk, although highly nutritious, is sugary – sugar is one of the leading causes of dental diseases.

As such, take some time to rinse your child’s mouth before putting him/her to bed. Doing this also helps with hydration.

When to Make the First Dental Visit

Your first dental visit will depend on the time your child takes to teeth. Dental experts recommend taking your child to the dentist at least six months after the first tooth appears. The dentist can then examine the child and particularly the gums to determine whether teething will progress well.

Brushing Should be Fun

It is recommended to start cleaning your child’s teeth as early as possible. You can start by wiping his/her teeth with a soft and clean cloth at first. As more teeth appear, you can upgrade to brushing with a toothbrush.

Brushing is irritating at first, so you may expect your child to be skeptical. Make brushing fun by using fun toothbrushes and other gadgets and generally having a good time at the sink.

Be Gentle

Remember, children’s gums are sensitive. As such, you will need to be considerate to avoid causing harm instead of good.  It is especially important to use toothbrushes designed for kids – they are small and have soft bristles. You should also teach your child how to brush by example – emphasize that the toothbrush should reach every tooth in the mouth and that rinsing should be thorough.

Keep a Close Watch but From a Distance

It is essential to monitor your child’s progress when it comes to dental hygiene. Many kids often have a negative attitude towards brushing. That said, it is imperative to relinquish control and let your child explore on his/her own when they grow a bit older. As such, check to see that your kids brush their teeth after waking up and before going to bed.

Keep Count of the Number of Teeth

Kids have an average of 20 teeth. However, some kids may grow more or fewer teeth depending on their dental composition. In either case, this may lead to oral conditions such as gum pain and irritation. It is, as such, essential to keep count of your child’s teeth.  The most volatile time is when the front teeth are sprouting – there should be a set of two teeth on the top and lower gums. There should be a total of 20 teeth by the time the child is 3-years-old.

Using Fluoride Toothpaste

When is it safe to start using fluoride toothpaste on your child? It has certain chemicals that can be harmful to kids’ health! Use fluoride toothpaste when the child is between two and three years old. However, it can be applied earlier, in small portions if the child is at high risk of tooth decay.

Expect Tooth Fallout

Children’s teeth are weaker than adults’. They have to give way to stronger teeth at some point. The period is a crucial – and painful – phase in children’s development.

Children start losing their teeth from the age of 5-6. The front teeth are usually the first to come off. Pre-molars fall off by the age of 12. During this painful phase, seek only the best dental care with Vita Dental Spring; the leading dentist in Texas with a specialty for kids.

Look Out for Tooth Decay

One of the most common conditions in children’s dental health is tooth decay. Their teeth have soft enamels that are easily broken down by acids from foods and oral bacteria. Sugary treats also have a significant role to play in it.  As such, it is essential to look out for tooth decay and stop it in its tracks. Remember, however, that proper tooth hygiene would keep tooth decay at bay in the first place.

Be Mindful of the Diet

Kids like sugary foods, no doubt. However, there is a lot of research against this desire. For starters, sugar results in the rising cases of obesity among children and chronic conditions such as diabetes in adults. Most importantly, however, it is the leading cause of tooth decay and eventual tooth loss.

As such, be very mindful of what your child eats. Limit sugary foods to treat and get them used to healthy foods early in life.


Children require the best dental care considering their dental sensitivity. For Texans, dental care doesn’t get better than Vita Dental Spring. It is the leading dental practice with an excellent reputation for working with kids.