10 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Tongue? Spring Texas

10 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Tongue? Spring Texas

Medical professionals and dentists have stressed the importance of keeping a clean mouth for decades. Brushing and flossing teeth has been highly sensitized in order to prevent gum diseases and tooth cavities. The habit also helps in keeping the mouth fresh while eradicating bad breath. The tongue, on the other hand, has often been ignored in many contexts of oral hygiene. The tongue aids in chewing food in which food particles can be left behind reducing the quality of oral hygiene despite brushing and flossing teeth. Below are ten reasons as to why one should clean the tongue.

Fresh Breath

The tongue is sponge-like and is exposed to soaking up germs, food particles and bacteria. If the tongue is ignored during routine cleaning, the bacteria can transfer to the teeth which eventually cancels out the brushing just executed. This bacteria contributes to the build-up of bad breath which gets really uncomfortable especially when around people. Therefore, cleaning of both the teeth and the tongue will help maintain fresh breath for extended periods.

Contributes To Healthy Gums

Bacteria left behind on an unclean tongue easily transfers to the teeth and gums even after brushing and cleaning since the tongue is always in touch with the dental tissues. The bacteria, in turn, affects the gums which lead to gum diseases. If left untreated, the gum diseases weaken the gum tissues which could make the teeth fall off. A clean tongue generally contributes to maintaining healthy gums. 

Fine Taste Senses

The tongue is ideally responsible for the tasting sense which allows us to distinguish various flavours and also enjoy food and beverage. Normally, the tongue has about ten thousand taste buds that enables one to distinguish tastes. So, when the tongue’s surface isn’t clean, the taste buds get blocked and the sense of taste diminishes. For this reason, you will find someone complaining that a fairly salted piece of steak needs a bit of some added salt. Proper tongue cleaning restores back the sense of taste.

Healthy Teeth

Saliva, mainly found on the tongue, strings along with bacteria to form plaque. The build-up of plaque and other bacteria may cause tooth decay and eventual tooth loss. Cleaning and scraping the tongue as well as brushing and flossing teeth ensure that there is no build-up of plaque or tartar which helps in maintaining healthy teeth even in old age. It should be noted that tartar and plaque build-up may not be completely eliminated through regular home practices and may require the expertise of a dentist for a professional dental cleaning. The Vita Dental clinic has the necessary expertise to conduct dental cleaning. 

Keeps Stomach Infections At Bay

Are you having frequent stomach upsets? An unclean tongue could send bacteria down to the throat to the stomach causing stomach upsets. At times, it causes an uncomfortable acid to move up the oesophagus which causes frequent heartburns. A clean tongue may help reduce the stomach nuisance. 

Improved Digestion

Little known to people, digestion starts in the mouth. Saliva in the mouth helps break down food and lubricates the crushed lumps in order to aid in the swallowing of food. With an unclean tongue surface, comes blocked taste buds which in turn reduce the sensitivity of salivary glands. This limits the amount of saliva released which in turn minimizes the digestion of food. A clean tongue provides adequate productions of saliva and eventual smooth digestion of food.

Prevents Oral Thrush

Candida greatly reduces one’s quality of life. The infection displays itself in form of oral thrush that is normally visible on the tongue. The condition signals a more deep-rooted issue in the body although cleaning the tongue and teeth thoroughly clears away the thrush together with any other underlying bacteria.

Reduces Risk Of Contracting Respiratory Infections

Bacteria on the tongue may find its way to respiratory organs such as the lungs causing health complications such as lung infections. Scraping the tongue greatly reduces the chances of contracting lung infections and breathing problems in the future.

Cardiovascular Issues

In recent medical research, a connection between heart diseases and oral health has been matched. There have been traces of plaque and oral bacteria that have been found in the heart arteries. The plaque may lead to heart attacks and strokes. Therefore, a clean tongue and teeth help lower the possible inflammations of the heart and other organs that can cause fatal attacks.

Boosts Immunity

The tongue behaves similarly to a sponge. It has the ability to retain and absorb bacteria. This is often beneficial in cases such as taking sublingual medicine that is placed under the tongue and slowly absorbed into the system. However, with the build-up of bacteria and toxins on the tongue comes with negative spill-over effects such as reabsorption of toxins. This eventually lowers the immune system. With a clean tongue, the toxins and bacteria get to be eradicated which prevents the tongue from reabsorbing the toxins allowing the immune system to work effectively.