10 Reasons to See an Emergency Dentist

10 Reasons to See an Emergency Dentist

Maybe it can be difficult to tell if you have normal toothaches. Remember, all problems can quickly turn into major oral issues if not treated promptly. An emergency dentist is always available as long as you require him or her. Toothaches come with a varying degree of pain. An emergency dentist can save you from this pain in the long run. Leaving your pain to be treated for another day can lead to even more problems later. Your vital parts are connected. A toothache can damage other parts of the body. Proper diagnosis is the surest way of finding a solution. Here are ten signs that you need an emergency dentist at Vita Dental Spring.

Loose Teeth

Many people tend to ignore this. An adult should not have a loose tooth. Your teeth have matured, and that is why you can eat, speak and have a healthy lifestyle. If your tooth becomes loose, then something is wrong. A loose tooth can be a result of a tooth injury. It requires emergency medical care. Another cause of loose teeth is an infection like the gum diseases. For proper treatment consider seeing an emergency dentist at Vita Dental Spring.

A Severe Toothache

This is enough reason that you require to see Dr. Seung Hyung Son, DDS immediately. You cannot handle all that in on your own. However, if a toothache is not persistent, you can try several treatment options available in your home. Seeing a dentist will ensure that you enjoy a proper diagnosis and learn more on how to protect your teeth.

Bleeding Gums

You might be suffering gum disease or even gingivitis. This bleeding is usually coupled with the swelling and aching of your gums. When you do not see a dentist at Vita Dental Spring, the problem can escalate and damage your teeth which require an expensive treatment later in life.

Swollen Jaws

This is a clear indication of an infection. Perhaps the most common cause of this problem is an infection of the salivary gland. A swollen jaw coupled with a bad taste in your mouth and troubles in breathing are enough reasons for you to seek immediate dental care at Vita Dental Spring. A salivary infection is mainly caused by bacteria and can cause the blockage of your salivary glands. This can prevent your saliva from carrying out its job of breaking down the food particles and dealing with the various infections in your mouth. If you notice these, signs see Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS immediately.

A Dental Abscess

This a very painful infection found at the front of the tooth. The leading cause of this infection is severe gum disease or having a cavity which is left untreated over a long time. Signs of an abscessed tooth include swollen glands and bad taste in your mouth. These are conditions which need immediate dental attention at Vita Dental Spring. Staying for a long time with the situation might require surgery to ensure that the infection is drained properly.

Worsening Canker Sore

Canker sores are normal. Also, they can occur many times to an individual. However, there should be a cause of alarm if the sore gets infected. An open sore in your mouth which has not healed for an extended period needs to be taken to a dentist at Vita Dental Spring immediately. The dentist will tell you where the problem is and give the best medication.

A Constant Headache

Headaches emanate from stress and eating cold foods. However chronic headaches originating from the teeth are enough reason for you to worry. Remember that your head and teeth are connected. Pain in your jaw can cause severe headaches. A severe headache might require you to Dr. Seung Hyung Son, DDS immediately.

A Numb Tooth

If you had a painful toothache which ended without you having medical attention, this needs to worry you.  You might be having an infection which has already spread to your teeth and has caused significant damage. Always pay close attention to your toothaches and ensure that they are treated. If the pain has just ended without any medication, you need an emergency dentist at Dental Vita Spring to give you the correct medication.


This might be difficult to diagnose. Fatigue can come from many things which are not related to oral health. However, if this exhaustion is accompanied by a severe toothache or bad taste in your mouth, you need to see a dentist immediately. Exhaustions can be caused by gum disease, and that is why you should never ignore it. Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS at Vita Dental Spring to assist you in treating this condition.

You Feel Like Your Mouth Is Tasting Like A Metal

This is an indication that your old fillings have become loose. Additionally, these fillings could have cracked. It is crucial to visit Dr. Seung Hyung Son, DDS at Vita Dental Spring since open filings can make your teeth prone to cavities and other oral diseases.