10 Reasons to Get Fluoride Treatments

10 Reasons to Get Fluoride Treatments

As a child, you probably remember getting a fluoride treatment. During the procedure, your dentist would fill a mouth guard with a gel and then ask you to bite down for about 15 minutes. You can find this treatment at Vita Dental Spring. However, fluoride treatments are not just for young children. Fluoride treatments are suitable for people of any age and here are the reasons.

Lower The Dental Bill

Most dentists, including us at Vita Dental Spring, recommend that you get fluoride treatments no matter the age. If you do not get regular fluoride treatments, it will increase your dentist’s bill due to the cost of treating tooth decay. The cost of addressing recurring dental issues can go up significantly with time. Besides that, it will mean that you have to spend a lot of time seated in the dental chair, instead of being busy making money.

Preserve Your Beautiful Smile

Numerous factors affect a perfect smile such as the diet, genetics, and oral care routine. However, suffering from tooth decay may not solve the problem. The fluoride may not directly whiten your teeth, but it helps to fight off bacteria that lead to discolored and misaligned teeth. Always remember that it is easier and cheaper to preserve your smile rather than trying to restore it.

It Is Safe And Effective

For more than 70 years, the best available scientific data has shown that water fluoridation has positive effects on communities. Numerous US surgeon Generals have endorsed fluoride treatments. There are currently over 100 health organizations, which recognize the benefits of water fluoridation. Thus, going for a fluoride treatment has been determined to be successful by numerous health experts.

Fluoride Is Naturally Occurring

Fluoride occurs naturally in nature in the groundwater and the oceans. Fluoride use was discovered accidentally due to the positive effects it had on fighting tooth decay. Thus, you should not worry about getting a fluoride treatment since it already occurs in nature. The process is similar to fortifying food with nutrients that are already present such as adding iodine to table salt.

It Works On People Of All Ages

Numerous studies have been conducted to indicate when someone should get a fluoride treatment. All of those studies have shown that people of any age need to get fluoride treatments. Without the procedure, you are putting yourself at high risk of tooth decay. When you are a young man or an old man in your 60s, fluoride treatments can help to ensure that your teeth last a bit longer.

It Fights Tooth Decay

Fluoride existed in a community where the groundwater contained vast amounts of fluoride. Research showed that the town had deficient levels of tooth decay. Over the years, various other studies have proven that fluoride does help to fight tooth decay by strengthening the structure of the enamel.

It Fights Bad Breath

One of the things that everyone would love to avoid is bad breath. Having smelly breath can affect your self-esteem and even cause others to stay away from you. Bad breath is caused by bacteria, which can easily be destroyed by fluoride treatments. The gel will get into all the tight spaces that brushing does not reach and wipe out any colonies before they cause bad breath.

Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

When fluoride encounters the enamel, it remineralizes and increases the coating on your teeth. The mineral will ensure that your teeth become less sensitive to cold or hot foods and beverages. The result is that you will not need to watch what you put in your mouth as much.

Helps Teeth Covered By Braces Stay Healthy

If you have braces, it can be a challenge to floss teeth effectively. Lack of proper flossing can lead the teeth to start developing cavities. However, a fluoride treatment can help to ensure that even teeth with braces are healthy throughout. Dental experts recommend that you get a fluoride treatment if you have orthodontic appliances and incorporated into your routine dental procedure.

Beneficial For People With Veneers And Dental Crowns

If you have dental crown or veneer, the tiny space between the gums and the crown or veneer can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. With time, the bacteria could lead to a significant amount of cavities and cause you to lose your teeth. However, dental caries is avoidable with a simple fluoride treatment. The gel gets into these tight spaces and helps to keep your teeth healthy at all times.


A fluoride treatment is usually quick and easy. The process will take only a few minutes, and there is no discomfort experienced. Most dental insurance policies will cover the treatment for those below 18 years. If you feel that you need a fluoride treatment, make an appointment with Vita Dental Spring today.