10 Reasons to Get Fillings, Crowns, and Sealants

10 Reasons to Get Fillings, Crowns, and Sealants

Dental crowns and fillings are all effective treatments used to restore a damaged tooth. Sealants are used to protect against any possible cavities, especially in young teens that are most likely to consume vast amounts of sugars. At Vita Dental Spring we offer all of these options. We would like to give you a few reasons as to why you should use any of them.


7 out of 10  Young People, Will Develop A Cavity

Various studies have shown that about seventy percent of all teens will develop a cavity that will require a filling. However, with sealants, it ensures that bacteria will never be able to reach the enamel and erode it. Thus, you should get your teen’s dental sealants. However, they are not just for teens; they work for adults as well.

Sealants Can Last For 10 Years

A single sealant on each tooth can last up to 10 years. This simple medical procedure could save you a decade in time and costs. After that, it will be as simple as getting the sealant re-installed. In essence, you will be getting a lifetime of protection at a tiny cost.

Sealants Are Invisible

One of the biggest things most people worry about is having any visible aesthetics in their mouth. For one, sealants are invisible. Besides that, they consist of materials that will not stain. Thus, for the decade or so that they are on your teeth, nobody will ever notice. Besides that, they are on the back teeth, which make them even harder to spot.

Dental Crowns

Long Lasting

Dental crowns that we place on your teeth at Vita Dental Spring have a long life of about 15 years. Best of all, you do not need to conduct any special treatments once they are in place. You only need to ensure that you go on with your ordinary life and take good care of your oral health.

They Have A High Success Rate

Dental crowns have one of the highest success rates compared to other restorative methods. If you get it done by an expert such as those we have at our clinic, the risk of failure is minimal. We will conduct a careful assessment to ensure that only qualified candidates get the dental crown, thus avoiding disappointments and saving everyone’s precious time. We also utilize modern techniques and equipment to ensure that we keep the chances of failure to the minimum.

The Help Restore Functionality

Once a tooth has been cracked or chipped, the only option before crowns was to take it out. However, dental crowns now help restore full function to a tooth. You will regain over 90% functionality of the tooth as long as you continue to follow the instructions given. The dental experts have been offering dental crowns to patients for years. Thus, they have the experience needed to ensure that you get as much functionality form it as possible.


Match The Aesthetics Of Natural Teeth

In the past,   metal amalgam was used to make the dental fillings and was usually quite visible. However, that has all changed with modern fillings because dentists use composite resin material which resembles your natural teeth. Thus, if you are getting a filling at Vita Dental Spring, you do not need to worry about others seeing it.

Modern Filling Release Fluoride

Some of the contemporary fillings such as glass ionomer fillings usually release fluoride slowly. It helps to safeguard against any potential tooth decay. The ionomer fillings are especially important since it is impossible to clean between the filling and the tooth. It will ensure that the enamel of the damaged tooth remains protected and remineralized as long as the filling is there. Doctors prefer them when there is some minor decay below the gum line.

Fillings Help To Strengthen A Weakened Tooth

An indirect filling is essential especially if the existing tooth structure weakens so much that it cannot support a traditional stuffing. If the damage has not reached a point where a crown is needed, an indirect filling called an onlay or inlay would strengthen the teeth compared to a regular filling.

A Filling Can Prevent An Infection

If you require dental work such as a root canal on various visits, a temporary filling can be used to give the gums and teeth time to heal. This temporary filling will also give nerves time to relax before the permanent filling is in place. Besides that, this temporary filling will ensure that the exposed tooth remains free from infection during the waiting period.


Whether you plan to get a filling, crown, or sealant, you can trust the dental experts at Vita Dental Spring to get it right. Keep in mind that any dental procedure is only as worthy as the dental expert that does it; at our clinic we have top-notch experts working here.