10 Reasons to Get a Root Canal

10 Reasons to Get a Root Canal

A strange misconception that we at Vita Dental Spring hear all the time is that a root canal is a painful procedure. However, that is not true. A root canal helps to end the pain in adult teeth. Besides that, root canals are not complicated and do not take more time than any other dental procedure such as getting a filling. Here are the ten reasons why we would advise you to get a root canal.

You, Will, Retain Your Natural Tooth

Modern dental implants can replace a tooth and give almost the same functionality as a real tooth. However, nothing that beats having a natural tooth. Even without the pulp, the natural tooth is a better option than the best dental implant. Thus, if there is an option to get a root canal, you should always pick it over the dental implant.

You Do Not Have To Worry About Aesthetics

After a root canal procedure, everything remains as it was. There is no change to the surrounding tissue and the healing period is relatively short. However, this is not so for other types of procedures. For instance, there is always a small chance that the metallic root of an implant will show up above the gum. Besides that, it is not still easy to get the crown of an implant completely right. With a root canal, the crown remains in place, and there are no worries about mismatches in color.

Its Completed In Just One Day

A significant benefit that patients get when they get a root canal is that; we at Vita Dental Spring can have it all done in one day. Once you get the procedure, fitting is done on the same day, thus allowing you to heal and get back to your life. Even where it takes a bit longer, you wouldn’t make more than two visits to our dental practice.

It Helps To Get Rid Of Debilitating Pain

One of the primary reasons why people get a root canal is when the root of the tooth fractures and causes massive pain. Without the root canal, it becomes impossible to function normally. After the root canal, you will never have to worry about pain and discomfort in that tooth ever again.

It Is Cost-Effective And Efficient

Tooth extraction can end up taking quite a lot of time. The reason being that there are several follow up procedures involved. Besides that, there is the extra cost of replacing the tooth. No matter which option you pick, it will still be more costly than getting a tooth canal. There is also the issue of more time spent getting the tooth replaced as compared to when undergoing a root canal procedure.

It Is Pain-Free

The root canal is pain-free, contrary to popular opinion. You will be under pain medication, which means you will not feel anything. Besides that, the recovery is less painful since the nerves in that tooth are all extracted. Studies have shown that patients who get a root canal are six times more likely to describe it as painless. The results are in contrast to those that go for a tooth extraction.

The Rate Of Success Is High

A root canal is one of the most beneficial options to save a damaged tooth. After the procedure, if you continue to take care of your oral health, the tooth could last a lifetime. It’s a good bargain since; you will get rid of the pain while at the same time being able to retain your tooth.

It Could Help You Avoid A Serious Medical Emergency

Although rare, an infected tooth could cause blood poisoning, which has severe implications for your health. One of the most dangerous things that you could do is retain an infected tooth in your mouth. If you want to live a long and quality life, a root canal is a good option. If a painful tooth suddenly goes quiet, that is a bad sign.

It Helps To Avoid The Need For Repeat Procedures

In some cases, you might find that a single tooth requires multiple procedures to keep it functioning. For instance, a tooth may have a cavity, get filled and then develop another pit. Having a root canal procedure done at Vita Dental Spring is the most sensible thing to do is to get a root canal. It will help to avoid the need for any additional procedures on the tooth. It will also ensure there is no need to extract the tooth.

It Helps To Avoid Teeth Shifting

On extraction of the tooth from the jaw, a series of events begins immediately. The teeth will start shifting relative to the gap created. The result is that you might end up needing braces to correct the shifting. Besides, it could cause the jaw to lose bone mass, which could affect the shape of your face. A root canal is done to close gaps and restore tooth alignment.