10 Common Myths About Wisdom Tooth Extraction Aftercare

10 Common Myths About Wisdom Tooth Extraction Aftercare

If you ask a group of friends or family members about wisdom teeth extraction, you are likely to be a victim of the worst exaggerated tales. Most people will make the process seem like a script of a horror movie. The exaggeration is done too often prompting most people who want to undergo the wisdom teeth removal to skip the procedure until their dentists insist that it has to be done.

This brings us to the question what are the common myths about wisdom tooth extraction that you should ignore. In this article, we bust some of these after and before extraction common myths.

Myth 1: Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Very Painful

This one is popular. You will hear it from people who have and those who have not undergone the wisdom teeth extraction procedure. However, this myth is unfounded. There are many options available for pain management during the extraction. At Vita Dental, we give you mild sedatives that leaves you unaware of the procedure. We also give you prescription pain treatments after the process, which takes care of any abnormal pain.

Myth 2: Milkshakes Are Great After The Extraction Of Your Wisdom Tooth

Milkshakes are great if you have cravings for something sweet after any oral surgery. However, at Vita Dental we advise our patients not to use a straw when drinking to avoid dislocation of the clots in your tooth socket. After the extraction, you also need to avoid spicy, crunchy, and hard to chew foods. Such foods can make healing more difficult.

Myth 3: Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Mandatory To Prevent Future Oral Problems

I am surer you have heard about this myth. Oral experts clarify only 12% of wisdom teeth cases need mandatory removal. At Vita Dental, we will only recommend the extraction of your wisdom teeth if they are impacted and are a cause of pain or infection.

Myth 4: Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Too Expensive

Wisdom teeth extraction is not cheap but there are available payment options you can use making the procedure affordable.  At Vita Dental, we ensure you do not need to break the bank to have them removed. We have private financing options, credit card options, and we accept most commercial insurance to help you manage the cost.

Myth 5: Wisdom Teeth Should Be Removed Before You Have Any Other Orthodontic Treatment

This will vary from one case to another. At Vita Dental, our dentists will check if your wisdom teeth will lead to shifting of your other teeth affecting the use of braces. In case there is no danger to this then you won’t need to remove the teeth.

Myth 6: You Need To Remove The Wisdom Teeth As Early As Possible

Most people believe that as soon as a wisdom tooth erupts it has to be removed. At Vita Dental, we advise you to wait for our dentist’s assessment. Some wisdom teeth will rarely cause trouble and thus it is best to wait and see how the growth of your wisdom teeth goes.

Myth 7: Wisdom Teeth Extraction Does Not Have Complications

At Vita Dental, our dentists have done numerous successful wisdom teeth extractions. However, this does not mean complications do not occur. Sometimes pains, bleeding, and swellings do occur. We seek to minimize them but if they occur, we will ensure the recovery process is easy and complete.

Myth 8: Healing After Wisdom Tooth Extraction Takes Forever

Do not believe this one. Your mouth is incredibly quick to heal after any kind of oral surgery. Within a few days, the healing process should be complete. However, to ensure speedy recovery you need to follow the instructions given by our dentist to the latter. If you do not, the healing process will take longer and serious complications might occur.

Myth 9:  If You Are Over 30 And You Are Yet To Remove Your Wisdom Tooth You Need To Do It Immediately To Avoid Complications

Most of the complications that happen due to wisdom teeth occur between the ages of 15 and 25. If you are past this age and your dentist has never recommended the removal of your wisdom teeth then you need not remove them. Not everyone will have complications related to their wisdom teeth. You might be among the lucky ones. If you are over 30 and you have not had issues yet, chances of them occurring are slim and even if they do, you might not need to extract your teeth.

Myth 10: I Can Still Drink And Smoke After A Wisdom Tooth Extraction

At Vita Dental, we advise you not to smoke or drink alcohol after an extraction. However, we have seen many patients take this as only a precautionary advice. Many will ignore this and end up with a dry socket.

After a wisdom tooth extraction, it is essential that the clot that forms in the tooth socket stay in place. If it becomes dislodged or do not heal properly, you get a very painful infection referred to as a dry socket. Smoking and drinking of alcohol increase the chances of you getting a dry socket. Thus, it is best that you follow the dentist instructions.