10 Causes of Dental and Oral Diseases

10 Causes of Dental and Oral Diseases

If you washed your hands and they started to bleed, you would be concerned. However, most people assume that having bleeding gums is normal. It is a sign of oral disease. Thus, you should visit the dentist if it happens. However, you are not helpless against oral infections. There are some known causes, which we at Vita Dental Spring would like to discuss. By understanding these causes, it will help you to avoid them.


The most common cause of oral diseases is plaque. This film of bacteria forms on the gums and other buccal surfaces. However, regular flossing, rinsing, and brushing gets rid of this film. If you have too much plaque, you are not alone. Millions of adults have it and it at times leads to gum disease. Thus, it might be time for you to pick up some healthy habits to help keep it low. One of the most important ways to reduce plaque is to go for professional dental cleaning once a year.


Smoking affects the internal pH of the oral cavity. As a result, it makes it possible for bacteria to thrive. Besides that, it interferes with how gum cells function. As a result, it makes it quite easy for them to become infected. The best way to avoid gum disease that we at Vita Dental Spring recommend is to quit smoking at once. It is essential for you to seek the help of family and friends to avoid relapsing.

Hormonal Changes

These variations are especially so in women. When a woman becomes pregnant or is on the menstrual cycle, hormone levels rise and fall at random. These changes can make you more susceptible to oral infection. However, this does not mean expecting a baby automatically leads to gum problems. It only implies you need to take extra care of your oral health when you are pregnant.

Some of the unusual things that happen during periods of hormonal changes are inflamed gums and puffy and red gums that bleed when you brush. Most of the problems caused by hormone changes will go away once you get over the period. However, always consult the dentist about how to take care of your oral health.

Certain Medications

Medication sometimes causes the mouth to dry up. This dry mouth is a great environment where bacteria will thrive. If you are concerned about the possible infection due to dry mouth, talk to one of our experts at Vita Dental Spring. In some cases, he or she could change the medication. Please note that the seriousness of the illness will increase when there’s delayed treatment.

Nutritional Deficiency

While a dentist may treat the symptoms, it will be up to you to eat healthy foods. If you are not getting enough vitamin C, there is going to be harm done to your gums. Besides that, if your diet is full of sugar and carbohydrates, it will be a recipe for dental issues. Try watching out on what you eat to guarantee better oral health. Some people may think that eating well is expensive. In fact; it does not cause more than eating junk food. Also, having better oral health leads to excellent overall health, which will lower your medical bills.

Crooked Teeth

If most of your teeth overlap, you will find it hard to clean them. Having warped teeth can be the perfect environment for bacteria and thus dental illness. If you do have crooked teeth, you first want to get them fixed. Besides that, you might want to purchase a specialized toothbrush to clean between these spaces. Additionally, you might need to use mouthwash and floss often more than people with perfect teeth do. 

Family History

No matter how well you take care of your teeth, it might turn out that your genes make you a better candidate for gum disease. If people in your family have a long history of dental illness, it is essential for you to be extra vigilant. At the first sign of infection, you must have it treated. Otherwise, if you try ignoring it as other people do, you might soon realize that your teeth have fallen out.


When you get braces, they create space where plaque can form and thrive. These areas can become severely infected in a short time if ignored. Thus, if you get braces or other restorative material, take care and watch out for signs of infection.


If you have a habit of taking hot foods and drinks, it could cause significant infections when the burn sites become a breeding ground for bacteria. To avoid getting burnt, always be cautious when taking hot meals and beverages. Try to wait for them to cool down a bit before consumption.

Incorrect Brushing And Flossing Technique

If you do not brush or floss in the right manner, it could lead to an open wound which develops in your mouth and leads to infections. Always use a soft brush and learn how to floss correctly via online tutorials or the dentist.