10 Best Spanish Speaking Dentists in Katy Texas

Can’t speak English and you’re wondering where to find the perfect Spanish dentist for your family?

Understanding the basics of dental care from the moment you walk in the dental office for an oral exam, to the point of the final dental procedure is essential.

Getting a doctor that not only speaks your native language but also understands your local culture is rather reassuring and comforting. It’s the first step in personalizing dental care for the patient; you can comfortably have a candid discussion when receiving dental treatment such as a root canal, particularly when anesthesia is necessary for use in treatment.

Having a common ground builds a rapport between you and your dentist, adding extra comfort while receiving treatments such as routine check-ups and oral cleanings.

Here are the best Spanish-speaking dentists in Houston.

  1. Vita Dental Houston

Vita is new to the Houston dental care scene, yet it’s surprisingly gentle on the patient’s teeth, and tough on the cavities. At Vita, you are sure to get the best preventative and restorative dental treatment. Vita dentists are fluent in both English as well as Spanish, with a work experience and attention to details that is only matched by a few.

Get your clear Invisalign braces, or book your root canal to rid off the bad tooth. In case this is your first visit, then we understand your anxieties; a comprehensive dental exam will be the first step to a series of treatments and dental care that will preserve your smile for generations.

  1. Signature Smiles

Receiving numerous awards such as Angie’s Super Service Award, Houstonia Magazine’s Best Dentist, and Houston’s Top Dentist clearly show the quality and exceptional service that signature smiles provides.

This practice, made up of a few professionals, takes comprehensive care of your dental needs; from pediatric dental treatment to a more specialized periodontal treatment in Garden Oaks/Houston Heights.

  1. A-1 Dental

Early orthodontic care for your one year old through routine check-ups and regular cleaning by a professional oral hygienist is necessary. Healthy baby teeth ensure that the adult teeth that replace them grow in the right place.

Jeanneth Castro, DDS, provides exceptional care with a gentle touch to deliver stunning results to patients who desire that extra sparkle to their smiles. Furthermore, his practice puts patient education as its top priority, to address any concerns in both English and Spanish.

  1. Jorge Marquis

It’s enough trouble finding your way to the dentist to fill a cavity, repair a crack in the tooth or get a thorough cleaning. Getting a doctor who best relates to your needs; explains your situation and provides quality treatment adds to the comfort of your dental experience.

Dr. Marquis and his friendly staff inspire utmost confidence by the smile they create in you; it makes you feel great. He explains seemingly complex dental procedures into a simple digestible that the patient can easily understand.

  1. John P. Freeman MD, DDS, FACS

Dr. Freeman is a board-certified surgeon in oral and facial cosmetic surgery and a member of the Academy of Osseointegration; specializing in improving the general health, functionality and appearance of the patient’s mouth with dental implants.

Implants not only appear real and healthy, but they also feel and function just like real teeth, restoring your ability to eat hard foods, while enhancing your self-esteem.

  1. Welch Dental Group

This practice has over twenty years of providing specialized world-class dental care in Katy, and they put lots of attention to keeping your family healthy.

Through comprehensive care and follow-ups, dentists at the Welch group walk you through every step, addressing your concerns through minimally invasive dental procedures. Through their use of modern technology, the Welch team will turn around any complicated dental complication to a beautiful smile.

  1. Cinco Dental Care

Dr. Treistman prides his practice in providing excellent dental care services through preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental procedures.

You can get a more confident smile by getting your set of Invisalign braces, a tooth implant or a quick one-hour in-office tooth whitening that will restore discoloring teeth into a beautiful set of pearly whites. Flexible payment options and a kind and warm reception should make you feel comfortable walking in for treatment.

  1. Emergency Dental Care USA®

The friendly and experienced staff at Emergency Dental Care USA provides comprehensive services to Houstonians at their convenience. Same day treatments for broken teeth, routine cleanings or even surgical extractions are possible.

The quality of service is unique; operating hours are convenient, and the prices are friendly to all.

  1. Infinite Smiles Family Dentistry

Once you check into this dental practice, a dedicated team of specialists attends to you promptly with keen attention to your dental needs. Educating patients on preventative dental care, diagnosis and treatment is their first approach to ensuring you are comfortable enough to commence with any treatment.

  1. Gulf Breeze Dental Care

Dr. Ellis’ outstanding skills and superior services and experience in handling various dental conditions in Texas make him a favorite to many. Complementing this with a competitive staff: Tiffany’s excellent interpersonal skills and Ashley’s thoroughness at oral cleaning makes it a super good dental practice.

While running a dental practice can be quite a challenge, these top ten dentists not only manage to pull it together, but they also take patient communication to the next level. Through continuing staff education, they not only communicate fluently in English and Spanish, but they also educate the patients on how best to take care of their oral health.