10 Best Dentist In Spring Texas Who Do Dental Implants

10 Best Dentist In Spring Texas Who Do Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth, a dental implant can replace it. A dental implant will look like your natural tooth, and the procedure will ensure the other teeth near the affected tooth remain healthy. If you are in Spring Texas here is a list of the best dentist who offer dental implants in the area.

Dr. Sang Pil of vita dental

Vita dental offers a range of dental services one of the services is dental implants. Dr. Sang who is a member of America dental association will provide you with the best care in a gentle yet professional manner. He will be eager to answer your questions and using state of the art dental equipment make your procedure a pleasant one. With a comfortable environment and music playing in the background, the procedure will be over before you know it.

Dr. Chou Charles of Arch angel dental/facial pain, 10100 Beechnut ste. 110

This is the best dental clinic to go to if you are looking for friendly rates in Houston. Dr. Chou is very friendly, patient, and will explain in detail the implant procedure. The cozy environment is suitable for an implant and at an affordable price, you get perfect service.

Dr. Amy Vlachakis of Healthy Smiles family dentistry

Dr. Amy uses the latest technology to give you the best-personalized care. The staff here are friendly and will go out of their way to answer your questions. Dr. Vlachakis has a wealth of experience having practiced in Houston  for years. Even if you are one of those patients with anxieties, she will make you feel comfortable with her calm and friendly nature.

Dr. Alexander of Rayford modern dentistry

Dr. Alexander will give you the best advice on your dental needs and will not try to persuade you to go with the most expensive option. She is concerned with how you feel and will use the latest technology to make a dental implant as comfortable as possible. The office is open regarding pricing, and the staff will give you a breakdown of cost. The staff here are very friendly from the Allie and John Luke at the front desk to Dr. Beaver and Dr. Alexander.

Dr. Chance of My kid’s dentist and orthodontics

Dr. Chance loves to work with children, and he is very patient with them. If you have one of those children that won’t keep still at a doctor’s appointment, then this is the perfect dental clinic to visit. Dr. Chance is very friendly, and the clinic has monitors on the ceiling so that the kids can watch cartoons during an examination or an implant procedure. The waiting area has gumball machines that have very many toys for the kids. After you check out, your child will get a token to use at the machine to get a toy. You will also be able to schedule an appointment fast, and the facility has very short waiting time.

Dr. Liu and Sun from spring premier dental

The most professional and polite dentists in Houston Texas. You also do not have to worry about their availability, as they are always available and will book you right away in case of an emergency. Both have great bedside manners, and the neat and friendly environment makes you feel at ease. The waiting area has a Keurig coffee machine, and the dental assistant will make you feel very comfortable. The dentists will also do a great job of explaining every detail of any procedure to you.

Dr. Khan of Spring smiles dental and orthodontists

You will love the top of the class equipment used in this facility. The staff at the front desk will be eager to help and are always very friendly. Dr. Khan is a very friendly doctor who will take her time to explain in details why you need an implant. She is also very knowledgeable, has a pleasant personality and will answer all your questions with a smile. She won’t cut corners and will do her job skillfully and ensure everything is by the book. The support staff including Julia who is her assistant are equally very professional and helpful.

Dr. Petty of Woodlands village braces

Doctor Petty is amazing and very professional in what he does. He is courteous and will always work around your schedule even if you want to reschedule. He also works fast and efficiently making the results outstanding. Additionally, he is very affordable which is a bonus. The staff is also fun to be around, friendly and very informative regarding your treatment plan.

Dr. Kim from Houston  wisdom teeth and implant center

If you have anxiety about getting an implant, visit the Houston wisdom teeth and implant center. They will make you feel so comfortable that you will forget about your anxiety. Dr. Kim and the staff are eager to answer all your questions. You can also schedule your appointment anytime, and the doctor is never late for his appointments.  He will thoroughly explain the procedure and during the procedure put on some soothing music to keep you calm. This clinic sure knows how to take care of their patients.

Dr. Kim from dentalopolis

Dr. Kim is a confident dentist with experience and expertise in the field. He has a great passion for his work, and he will smile through your many questions. He is very knowledgeable and very thorough in his explanations but also very friendly making his patients comfortable. The office design is warm and comforting, and you will feel like you are visiting a friend with the TV on the ceiling. The staff is also very warm, welcoming, and friendly and they will work with your schedule.