10 best dentist in Spring Texas who are open on weekends

10 best dentist in Spring Texas who are open on weekends

Dental issues are not always predictable. For example, you may crack a tooth, or your dental implant might fail on the weekend. If your dentist does not work on the weekends, this can be a major challenge. Waiting until he or she gets back to the office may not work. However, numerous dental practices operate on weekends. Here they are:

Vita Dental

Vita Dental is a family-friendly practice, which offers quality dental care. Whether you need a teeth whitening or a tooth extraction, you can get it with ease. The staff has been well-trained to help reduce any anxiety that you might suffer. They utilize the latest technology, and the staff is always trained on how to use this technology. Whether your teeth need braces or you need a checkup, you do not have to sacrifice any working day. This dental practice is open on the weekends, which lets you have flexibility in setting up a dental appointment.

Greenspoint Dental

Greenspoint Dental has been offering cosmetic, restorative, and general services since 1997. To be able to serve the diverse community of Houston, the staff is fluent in French, Spanish, and English. If you even need your teeth checked out on the weekend, this practice is perfect for you. There is no need for you to wait until Monday just to have your chipped tooth checked out. They have the latest equipment and well-trained staff to ensure that your needs are met any day of the week.

Montrose Advanced Dentistry

Montrose Advanced Dentistry offers personalized dental care for thousands of families in the Spring area of Texas. Patients at this dental practice always receive individualized and warm care during their visit. The practice has a wide range of services that it offers, which are assisted by modern technology. The technologies they use allow them to detect dental issues at early stages and provide the necessary treatment. If you ever require a weekend appointment, this dental practice will be there for you.

Signature Smiles

Signature Smiles was created on the idea of meeting the needs of every patient. Thus, they created a dental practice that can meet every need a dental patient may have. Where you need braces, orthodontistry service, general dentistry and much more, they are here for you. Best of all, these services are offered even on weekends.

Element Dental

Element Dental is happy to serve the residents of Spring, TX. They utilize only the best technology and experts to offer you dental care services. Over the years, this practice has gained a reputation for offering great services in a welcoming and friendly environment. Whether you are a kid or an elderly person, this practice is more than ready to meet your needs. Best of all, the dental services are offered on any day of the week.

Bella Dental

At Bella Dental, they are committed to giving you the respect and compassion that you deserve. They believe that comprehensive care addresses both long and short-term dental needs. They have a team of professionals, who are highly skilled to deal with any issues. If you need teeth whitened or a porcelain crown, you can access their services on any day of the weekend.

Charm Dental

At Charm Dental, the patient is the focus. They also have exemplary emergency services for when a nasty accident occurs. For instance, it can be quite easy to break a tooth, especially if you are into contact sports. In such a case, the experts at this practice strive to ensure that whether it is on the weekend or any other day your suffering is alleviated.

Grand Trails Dental

Grand Trials Dental is a family-oriented comprehensive dentistry practice in Spring, Texas. The skilled dentists at this practice strive to help patients feel at home. You will always find the help you need, no matter how complex your case might be. You are welcome to call and make an appointment if you live in Spring, TX or nearby areas. They offer their services even on weekends.


Dentalpolis is all about family. They know that having a great smile in Spring is important. Thus, they provide great cosmetic dental services. Whether it is the weekend or in the middle of the week, they can correct your smile using the best technology available to dentistry.

Texas Genital Dental

Gentle Dental offer their services to all residents within Spring TX. If you need a professional dentist to fix your smile, whiten your teeth, or even be treated for TMJ, you will find this practice useful. They are always looking for new cutting-edge technology to help you with your dental needs. During treatment, they will also take into account your budget. They have a wide array of finance options that can help you get the kind of treatment you need.